Sales of Notre Paris by Victor Hugo Up after the Work

Just hours after the fire that affected the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris on Monday, the homonymous book by French novelist Victor Hugo emerges from the ashes to occupy the number one sales of the Amazon platform.

On the morning of after the tragedy, the sales of the French writer’s work in the online sales giant skyrocketed: in just twenty-four hours, the book quickly ranked among the first 18 search options and in the number one sales on the website.

This phenomenon is similar to what was experienced on November 13, 2015, after the terrorist attack in Paris, when thousands of French approached different bookstores to buy “Paris was a party”, by the American writer Ernest Hemingway.

Published on January 14, 1831, the work “Notre Dame de Paris” is a model of the literary themes of Romanticism, which talks about Gothic architecture, cultural heritage and love. The book is also considered a symbol of French literature.

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The novel has also been subject to different film adaptations, such as the one directed by Jean Delannoy in 1956, which featured Gina Lollobrigida in the role of Esmeralda and Anthony Quinn as Quasimodo, and the animated version of Disney “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, in 1996.

All eyes were directed to the upper part of the cathedral, one of the phrases of the novel, is for these days one of the most listened to phrases in Paris, reflecting the feeling and the situation lived last Monday.

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