Most Common Garage Door Repairs

Garage door repairs

Most Common Garage Door Repairs

All garage doors require regular maintenance so that they work optimally. There are also times when one or a few mechanisms breakdown and need professional fixing.

The team over at Garage Doors Repaired state that ‘A faulty garage door is not only a practical inconvenience, but also a major safety risk’.

Here are some of the most common garage door repairs and the cause of the problems.


Door Springs and Tracks

Garage doors use springs to pull the doors back into position when closing. However, theylose functionality at some point and must be replaced. The damage to the springs is due to long-term use and not due to poor quality. Therefore, expect them to be replaced on any door system, even the premium quality ones.

Do not attempt to replace the spring yourself as they could injure you when they snap out of place. Besides, new springs need to be well-calibrated such that they do not cause the door to hang or fall, or be too tight such that the door opens unexpectedly.

On the other hand, tracks direct your garage door where it passes so that it does not get damaged by moving out of the way. However, the tracks may be bent if hit by a significant force. This may cause the garage door to be stuck or move out of the track, which may cause it to break at the hinges. Professional door repair contractors can align the tracks or replace them if damaged beyond repair.

Electronic Parts of the Door

Modern garage doors incorporate electronic parts in their operating mechanisms. Some of the common electronic components include the opener that enables you to use a remote control or switch to open or shut the door. The other system is the photo eye, a safety mechanism that scans the door’s base to ensure that nothing is pressed between the closing doors.

If the opener is not working, it could be that the remote control batteries are flat. Try replacing the batteries before calling for assistance. If it still does not work, call technicians for inspection and repair. On the other hand, if the photo eye is not working or is out of alignment, the door might not close. A technician will diagnose the issue.

Hinge and Motor Problems

Hinges hold the massive doors onto the frames of your house. They rotate in place when opening and closing the door. These moving parts need regular lubrication to reduce friction and ensure the smooth operation of your door. If this is not done over a long period, the hinges could break. The nuts or nails that hold them in place may also come off with regular use. While you can lubricate the hinges with WD-40 lubricant, you need professional assistance to replace or refasten them in place.

On the other hand, if your door uses a motor for closing or opening, it may lose power or fail to work altogether. When it is weak, it is unable to move the massive door parts to close or open the garage.The repair may include resetting the limit switches on the motor to replacing the entire system.

Cracks, Gaps and Not Closing Fully

If you have a wooden door, it may develop cracks or splits from breaking away of caulking or effect of the weather conditions. This is resolved by caulking the cracks. If there are gaps when the door closes, the sealants should be inspected and replaced accordingly. Remember that gaps may be letting in hot or cold air into your home and reducing the effectiveness of your air conditioning systems.

However, if you have an automatic door that leaves a gap when it closes, the problem could be the limit switch on your motor. If it keeps on closing and opening, there could be an obstruction in the path. The photo-eye safety mechanism could also be obstructed and tripping before the door closes. On the other hand, if it is a manual door that is not closing fully, issues could include broken cables, bent tracks, or some form of obstruction. You require a professional inspection to determine the problem.

Door Has Problems Opening or is Sluggish

You may find the door closing well but failing to open. This problem is common during the winter season. Some rollers get stiff during the cold season, making them operate slowly or fail to work. You can alleviate the problem by having them lubricated. On the other hand, the problem could be due to the low sensitivity of the opener. The methods of adjusting the sensitivity of the opener depend on the model of the door. You need the assistance for a technician to do it correctly.

Rollers also get worn out with regular use. Depending on the type of door, you should consider replacing the rollers every four to six years. This prevents problems of opening the door when it has to be lifted. Worn-out rollers may also cause the door to close too quickly and get damaged on hitting the floor.

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