Is it Worth Getting Solar Panels?

Is it Worth Getting Solar Panels?

If you have been pondering on this question, chances are you are trying to figure out ways that solar panels are better than the traditional grid. With the advancement in technology today, more and more home and business owners are making a much-needed switch to solar energy.

Installing solar energy on your roof is a significant upgrade to your home or business. Therefore, it is understandable if you are a bit hesitant to make the switch. Solar energy is ideal for homes, schools, businesses (both big and small) and offices.

Strandek Roofing Bristol offers photovoltaic systems for a variety of roofing and flat roofing systems. These panels absorb the sun’s rays and convert them to electricity or heat energy for heating water. You can still enjoy solar energy on a gloomy day as these panels do not require direct sunlight. But why should you make a switch to solar power today?

Benefits of Solar Energy

benefits of solar panelsSwitching to solar energy comes with a wide range of benefits. The most obvious ones are cost savings on electric bills and environmental friendliness. Additionally, it gives you independence from the grid. Let’s look at the benefits of switching to solar energy.

Clean, Green Renewable Energy

If you want to contribute to the fight against pollution of the environment, there is no better way than switching to solar energy. Solar panels generate emission-free, clean and renewable energy. Other energy alternatives such as natural gas and coal release lots of harmful chemicals to the environment. With solar energy, you do not have to worry about greenhouse emissions such as carbon dioxide.

Air pollutants from fossil fuels can lead to dirty air, which is generally bad for aesthetics and health. With solar energy, you can help get rid of air pollution and significantly reduce your carbon footprint. That’s one reason why you should switch to solar power today.

Solar Energy Saves Your Money

Another great advantage of solar energy is lower monthly energy bills. Have you ever looked at your monthly energy bill and got shocked by the amount due? Well, everyone has been there at some point in life. But, with solar energy, you no longer have to budget for solar energy around your business or property.

When you install roofing solar panels in your home or business, you will be meeting some or all of your energy needs without the help of the national grid. The reduced dependence on the national grid is beneficial as it significantly reduces your monthly electricity bills. With that, you can have some change in your pocket at the end of the month. That is another reason why you should make a switch to solar energy today.

Increases Property Value

Are you thinking of selling your property in the future? If yes, then you are probably thinking of ways to increase its market value. Installing solar panels is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to increase the value of your home.

A home buyer is more likely to pay a higher price for a home with solar energy than one connected to the national grid. Of course, the cost would vary depending on other factors such as location and size. However, solar panels can help increase the value during negotiations.

Apart from increasing your home’s value, solar energy can make your house more appealing to buyers. Therefore, your house would not stay in the market for long before getting a buyer.

Reliable Connection

Are you tired of electricity blackouts? Does grid maintenance catch you unexpectedly? If yes, then you may want to install solar panels on your roof. Solar energy is one of the best ways to achieve control over your electricity connection.

The national grid suffers from regular power outages due to ageing power grids and extreme weather events. With no control whatsoever, you can suffer from many inconveniences whenever there are power outages around your area.

With solar panels and home battery systems, you no longer have to worry about showering with cold water or closing your business earlier because of a power outage. That’s another reason why you should consider switching to solar energy today.


Another reason why it may be time to switch to solar energy today is that the prices have significantly dropped over the years. The cost of buying and installing solar panels and batteries is now more affordable than ever.

Therefore, it’s no longer a matter of affordability. You can make a significant upgrade to your business or home without worrying about breaking your budget.


Solar energy is advantageous for your business in many different ways. Some of the benefits you can enjoy include cost-saving, environmental friendliness, an increase in the value of your home and affordability. Therefore, you can make the switch to solar energy today without having to dig deep into your pockets.

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