Do I Need a Conveyancer for a Remortgage?

Do you need a residential conveyancer for your remortgage in the UK? Whether it’s buying or selling, ensuring that the process runs smoothly and efficiently is crucial.

One of the key things to look out for when hiring a residential conveyancer is their professional qualifications. The best residential conveyancers will hold several different accreditations such as:

  • RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors)
  • NALS (National Association of Licensed Solicitors)
  • CILA (Council of Licensed Conveyancers)
  • BIFA (British Insurance Federation Agents Association)
  • CIOB (Chartered Institute Of Building)

In addition to these, residential conveyancing solicitors will also hold professional indemnity insurance. This means that if they make an error while working on your case you will be covered under their policy.

No matter what residential conveyancing solicitor you choose to work with, they will usually charge a fixed fee. This means that there are no nasty surprises when the final bill comes through. So, do I need a residential conveyancer for my remortgage? The answer is probably yes!

What is a Remortgage?

A remortgage (short for a residential mortgage) is when you move your home loan to a different lender. You might want to do this because of the benefits offered by another provider, or simply because they offer cheaper rates than your existing deal.

To remortgage, you need to explore your options and shop around for a residential conveyancing solicitor who will be able to help.

What does a residential conveyancer do?

The role of residential conveyancers varies between law firms, but the general idea is that they will act on your behalf throughout the remortgage process. They might also be able to help you apply for a residential mortgage, or check into whether it’s worth switching lenders before applying.

What residential conveyancers do not do:

Residential conveyancers are not there to advise you on which lender offers the best rates or deals. You need to do your own research before making a decision about which residential mortgage is right for you.

How can Residential Conveyancers Help?

Residential conveyancers are involved at all stages of the remortgage process, helping ensure that it goes smoothly and without any hitches along the way:

  • From the beginning, residential conveyancers work with solicitors to make sure the legal process runs smoothly.
  • They help you submit your application for a remortgage.
  • When it comes to exchanging contracts, the residential conveyancer will ensure that everything is checked and double-checked before the exchange of contracts goes ahead.
  • Throughout this time they are liaising with your existing residential mortgage lender to make sure the remortgage does not impact your existing home loan.
  • In some cases, residential conveyancers will also be required for completion of a remortgage as well as stamp duty land tax (SDLT).

Do you need a residential conveyancer for your remortgage?

remortgage conveyancer

When you are remortgaging, it’s important to be aware of the finer details. Residential conveyancing solicitors will work their way through all of these things with you so that your application is as strong as possible and there are no nasty surprises down the line.

Some of the things residential conveyancers will look at include:

  • The current terms of your mortgage.
  • Mortgage lenders available to you and how they compare with your existing provider.
  • What fees are involved in remortgaging your home loan.

If you’re looking into remortgaging, be sure that you explore your options thoroughly. If you need residential conveyancing help, finding the right residential solicitor will be crucial to ensure that your application runs smoothly and is as strong as possible.

  • Residential conveyancers help with purchase so no potential pitfalls and peace of mind to focus on other matters.
  • They ensure that the process runs smoothly and efficiently, expertly manage aspects (purchase).
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  • Residential conveyancing helps make sure no pitfalls, run smoothly and efficiently with an expert process.
  • Ensures the process runs smoothly and efficiently while managing aspects of a purchase expertly. No potential pitfalls which provide peace of mind so you can focus on other important matters.
  • Residential conveyancing ensures a smooth and efficient process is expertly managed, with no pitfalls to provide peace of mind so you can focus on other matters.


Residential conveyancers are crucial in the remortgage process, expertly managing aspects of a purchase, ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible.

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