What are bog mats used for and what can they do?

Although the term “Bog Mats” is used usually in industrial terms, it has many commercial or even household uses as well. Standard bog mats can be defined as a ground protection solution that is customizable according to the requirements.

Bog mats have the main function is to soften the impact between the ground and the environment, and they are made out of wood or plastics depending on the purpose of use.

There are many types of bog mats out there that are catered to different uses, make sure to choose a high-quality bog mats provider such as GJ Bog Mats that is able to provide consultations and assistance.



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What are the materials of bog mats?

Generally speaking, bog mats are made out of wood and plastics. However, wooden bog mats can also be categorized according to the type of wood :

  1. Oak Timber bog mats

  2. Hardwood timber bog mats

  3. Beech Hardwood timber bog mats

  4. Dabema Wood timber bog mats


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What can Bog Mats be Used For?

Bog mats can be used in various ways in a commercial or industrial context. Here are some examples of the function of bog mats:


Prevent Grass Damages

You might be hosting an outdoor event and you do not want the grass to be damaged by cars or people in general, vehicles bog mats or outdoor events bog mats are used to provide a layer of cushion as a protection.

These bog mats acts as a temporary roadway or car park, guiding your customers to drive according to a certain path instead of roaming and parking randomly. It is also used as a pathway for customers to walk on


Anti-Slip Surface

Having an event at a potentially wet ground? Just get a bog mat. Bog mats acts as a safe pathway to prevent your customers from slipping and falling. Bog mats are also a fairly stable surface, rest assured your customers will be much safer!


Construction Sites

For constructions, timber bog mats are most commonly seen as they are sustainable, durable and environmentally friendly.

The reasons why bog mats are so popular in the construction industry is because bog mats provide a sturdy surface for heavy machinery to move around the site. There are different types of bog mats that can cater to either withstand heavy weights or withstand just light construction equipment.

Bog mats are also used to used to cover up construction sites located in fragile ground such as soft soils or weak terrain.


Piling Operations

Being part of construction, piling operations are also heavily reliant on bog mats for various reasons. These bog mats, most likely timber bog mats provide steady surface for machineries on operate on either soft ground or expensive soils.




What are the steps needed to install bog mats?

There are a few steps needed to install your brand new bog mats, which usually are also done by the bog mats supplier. Installing bog mats are actually not rocket science, its simple but a lot of hard work.

Basically, you fit the mats together like a puzzle. Just line them up, preferrably side by side to prevent holes that could cause the soil to spill up. After that, cover the seams and clean up the area and you are good to go!



Well essentially, a bog mat is good for all occations, from normal events to construction use. To know more information, please contact your local bog mat provider.


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