How New Furniture can Improve Moral

How Redesigning a Space can Improve Motivation, Posture, and a Space

Your office design is just about as important as having clients. It is surprising how greatly it impacts your employees and adversely affects the quality of work produced. Customised designs make the employee more comfortable in their environment, doing away with mental blocks and general fatigue. This, therefore, improves the rate and quality of the work done. D&G Office Interiors provide a wide range of NHS furniture to not only help improve the posture of workers on their long shifts but to also help make their working environment as comfortable and inviting as possible. In this post, we will explain how an office makeover can help you attain your business goals.

First Impressions

When your employee walks through the door each morning, the workspace’s general aura determines their mindset. For clients, a well-organized workspace reflects on the people working there and the quality of work they produce, encouraging their desire to associate with you.

Enhance Productivity

You want to have a company culture that creates excitement, rewards effort, and encourages freedom of expression, thus enhancing productivity. The furniture, workflow space, equipment, and general set up impacts on employee productivity. Invest in ergonomic chairs and maintain correct desk levels to prevent ailments from back issues and eye problems.


Darkness brings about depression, causes eyestrain, fatigue, headaches, and irritability. Ensure your office has adequate lighting to avoid unnecessary distractions.

Room Temperature

When the temperature of a room is uncomfortable, it distracts its occupants immensely. Maintain a generally comfortable setting on the air conditioning. Its placement is equally important. You can also avail room heaters for the colder seasons.

Cost Efficiency

Control the square footage your office occupies by reducing space and creating individual workstations and meeting rooms. Eliminate hierarchical behaviour and use space on need and not on position. This will result in your employees having mentors and not bosses, a more productive culture.

Promote Collaboration

A shared workspace encourages community, and employee engagement, and promotes general well-being. You create a people-centric environment where information is shared freely, enhancing general communication as individuals are close to their accountability partners, enhancing the generation of solutions faster, and increasing focus.

Indoor Plants

Having indoor plants has a therapeutic effect, ensuring psychological and physiological well-being. They not only reduce stress but also improve the air quality by making it cleaner. A combination of indoor plants on pictures or paintings on the wall has also been known to inspire creativity.

Brand Your Office

Brand your office to have the company mission and corporate colours at the forefront of people’s minds, at the same time reinforcing company culture.


Noise can be a major distraction. Limit natural noise levels caused by highways by investing in a soundproof glass. This will ensure your employees can focus without unnecessary distractions.

Room Colour

Colours affect one’s general mindset. It also affects brain function. You do not want to use gloomy colours on your walls as it will affect the mood of your employees, thus affecting their productivity. Instead, use calm colours. For example, blue is said to have a calming effect, although darker shades are said to create sadness.


When designing your office, you want to ensure your employees can move around freely as they will spend a better part of their day seated. Movement, when you have a mental block, is encouraged. Consider placing a water dispenser and communal equipment like printers and copiers at a central location. This will encourage people to stand up and walk around from time to time. You may also consider having flexible working hours to enhance productivity though this is dependent on the role one plays in the organisation.

Storage Space

We all get distracted by our phones and other mobile gadgets. Having your phone on the desk where it lights up and beeps at every notification is a huge distraction. Consider having storage space where individuals can put away their phones, bags, and other gadgets during the day to focus on the task at hand.


Declutter your work environment. Have you ever stared at your screen with a blank page open, inspired to start writing an engaging business proposal then your eyes drift to a pile of documents that need shredding or filing? Your business ideas evaporate in a flash. Keep your workspace and general office environment clean at all times. Cleanliness also protects from rodents and roaches, which would otherwise create a health hazard.


You most likely have a modern workforce engagement. As such, digitalizing your work environment is beneficial to your business. You want to encourage maximum productivity from your team.

Reduce Operating Costs

Employing those straight from college and running an internship program at your office is probably a preference for you as this cuts your budget costs. When you encourage the use of bring-your-own-device, you not only reduce your operating costs for equipment maintenance, but you also enable the work culture of working from anywhere.


When redesigning your office, keep future expansion in mind. Ensure you will be able to facilitate onboarding requirements that will arise from time to time due to company growth.

In conclusion, redesigning your office has immense benefits for you and your employees. Being mindful about it will ensure you reach your business goals within a considerable duration. Invest wisely.

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