The Trending Interior Designs For 2023

Today we’re diving right into interior design trends for 2023, if you’re planning any big renovations around your home this year or planning to redecorate.

I hope this article gives you some ideas on how you can stay on trend with your design. Now I do want to mention these are just trends. You don’t have to follow trends. You don’t have to change your house every year to keep up with it all, but it is good to know what’s trending right now, so you don’t make design decisions that really hate, your home, if you enjoyed watching, make sure you give this video a big thumbs Up and hit that like button, let’s go ahead and jump right into it.

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If I can do it, you can too. Let’s make our homes look and feel their best. If you could include one trendy thing in your home this year, it can be the color of the year and that color is sage green. Pretty much.


Paint Colours – What Should I Choose?

Every single paint company has released its color of the year and it’s all been a different shade of sage green. We have Benjamin Moore’s October mist, we have bears breezeway, we have Sherwin-Williams evergreen fog and I just love all of them.

Sage. Green is all the rage right now if you are painting a room and can’t think of what color you should use, and you want to do something on-trend. I would pick a sage, green you’re, gonna see it everywhere in textiles.

Furniture rugs now because the color of the year isn’t always timeless. I would pick some places in your home that you want to include for me. I painted my front door. Sage, green, I feel like it brings in just a little pop of color, and it’s super simple and fast to do it’s something that can also keep changing and evolving as time goes on, but including the color of the ear on your front door is always a really fun way of doing it, you can also do a trendy green powder room and make that a statement piece in your home.

You can include it in decor and throw pillows. You can do it in small tasteful ways, and you will definitely be on trend this year. In addition to the color of the year being sage, I feel like a big trend in color is bringing in those darker moody, color, palettes, those rich dark, blues, and navies.

Dark greens, even emerald green, are huge right now think green tile green paint, maybe a green sofa, and you will definitely be on trend this year. All right. Now, let’s get into furniture design trends, I’m always very excited to see what’s happening for the new year because furniture is something that can always change, and right now the trendy style of furniture to have is sculptural.


Home Decorations

Furniture! You’ll see this in dining room chairs, accent, chairs, coffee tables, and even those round sofas. All of these really interesting-shaped pieces are coming back right now. I think these sculptural pieces are perfect for people that don’t really love a lot of colors.

Don’t really love a lot of patterns, but you want something interesting and you want that statement. So these sculptural furniture pieces are not about having loud, vibrant fabrics on them, they’re all about really embracing their shape of them.

It’s definitely transitioning into home decor as well, which is really fun. You’ll see a lot of really interesting, shaped mirrors now and little decor pieces for around your home. So there is a more affordable, smaller way of adding that on-trend sculptural piece to your home.


Interior Design Styles

All right, so we’ve covered all these small details that are really going to be trending this year, but what is going to be the trending design style? There was a time when we were going very modern, a time where we were going very boho and right now I would say we’re taking a more traditional approach.

You’re going to notice this more traditional style coming back in home design and I think it’s kind of cozy a little nostalgic, a little fancy looking and I really love it. You’re gonna see a lot more of this traditional style in lighting fixtures, even wall art through oil paintings and portrait paintings.

This traditional style is not about minimalism, it’s actually about layering and collecting, and you have a little bit more storytelling to the space I think it makes a home feel really cozy, but it’s definitely not for everybody.

Some people might think it makes your space look old and dated, but if you do it in a modern way and add those modern touches it will definitely look on trend now. Another detail: we’re gonna, be seeing a lot more of this year is picture frame molding, it’s not even really a trend, it’s a very timeless detail to add to your home something we’ve seen for hundreds of years, and it just makes your space look instantly elegant.

If you have a builder-grade home and it’s looking a little flat and boring, throw up some picture frame molding and it will do the trick. I’ve added picture frame molding into a powder room, and I did it all myself with no experience.

So it’s definitely something that you can do as well. It pairs so beautifully with sculptural furniture and even antique furniture. It’s just the perfect detail to add to your home. Now you can do this all across your entire wall from floor to ceiling.

You can do this halfway up your wall and you can even go three-quarters the way up, so there are so many different ways that you can do it, but it just brings in so much detail and really adds a ton of dimension to your space.


Kitchen Cabinets

Now, if you’re planning a big kitchen renovation this year or planning a little DIY makeover, you’re, probably wondering what is on trend in kitchen design right now, right now, we’re actually seeing a lot more warm wood cabinets.

Now. This is not that honey orangey wood cabinets. This is more of a gray, undertone, muted, warm wood finish, and it’s only being seen in small parts of the kitchen, maybe just for your lower cabinets or your kitchen island or your large standing pantry, so we’re not trying to totally wipe out the white kitchen.

We’re also not trying to go all wood as we used to now seeing this nice in-between mix, that’s bringing in the texture of the wood cabinets, mixing it in with something a little bit more neutral and timeless like a white cabinet, or even a really bold color.

Right now, we’re really embracing individuality and style, color, and texture and creating a kitchen. That’s a little bit more unique. Now, if you have more dated wood, cabinets and you’re thinking about painting them, maybe stay away from the stark white paints this year and choose more of a creamy warm taupe tone.

This kind of creamy stone color is very on trend right now, it’s a great neutral. It pops against white walls and it’s a very neutral, timeless color, to add to your home painting your cabinets. All white will definitely modernize your space.

But if you’re trying to do a more on-trend, look I would choose a creamy stone, color for your cabinets. Sometimes design trends are just doing the completely opposite thing what we used to do at one point.

Everything was kind of square rectangular, sharp, and modern. That was the cool thing to do now. It’s going a little bit softer with curved round edges this curved round edge style is definitely going to be big in 2022.

It kind of started last year, but now it’s going all out this year, you’re going to see a lot more of these curved round edges In mirror design furniture, design, doorways and archways even decor and tables, if you are renovating your space, I would consider adding in maybe an arch, pantry door or arches in your hallway, bring in round accent, chairs or round side tables, maybe even an arched mirror.

You can add this arched kind of curved shape all around your home and I think it makes it look a little bit more custom whimsical and it is definitely on trend for 2022. Now another design trend – that’s definitely been evolving over time and is going full force into 2022, is smart homes, and that doesn’t mean your entire home is controlled by an iPad.


Smart Home Devices

It just means that you have smart home devices and you’re integrating those into your home. Sometimes I feel like a smart home sounds overwhelming and complicated, but I’ve integrated little things around my home that just make it function that much better can be as easy as integrating smart plugs and smart bulbs into your home.

So you can have your lights turned on and off. At certain times of the day, you can also integrate smart blinds and smart vacuum cleaners that will clean your space, but integrating these smart devices will definitely make your life that much easier, and I think, you’re going to see a ton more of them this year.



All right now, another big topic is flooring and what kind of wood tone floor is on trend this year, I would say: gone are the days of dark wood floors. First of all, they show so much dust and dirt. They aren’t very practical, but they are now going to be dating your space.

So if you’re picking out wood floors for your home, even with laminate floors, I would stay away from those darker colors and lean more towards these sandy light oak floors. If you look up white oak flooring, I would stay within that color palette light.

Colored flooring makes it super easy to decorate it’s a very versatile finish and it definitely hides a lot more dust and dirt. So if you’re picking new wood flooring for your home stay away from those dark, espresso-colored floors also stay away from those really blue-gray floors and stay right within that nice sandy mid-tone.


Office Design

A lot of design trends come to be because of lifestyle changes, and this is something that was a little new last year. Maybe we didn’t think it would stick and it definitely stuck – and that is at home workspaces, whether that be a closed designated private room.

In your home or an integrated space around your home, so I don’t know if I would call a home office on trend this year. But it’s definitely something that we’re just going to see a lot more of if you’re, building a new home and you’re creating your floor plan and really designating rooms, I would designate the smallest room of the home to be your home office.

If you’re, considering renovating your basement and building that out, build a little home office in there right now we’re seeing a lot more attention put into these workspaces at one point they were feeling a little bit temporary now they’re, not so temporary, so really designating a space In your home, decorating it making it feel, a part of the home is the perfect way to start.

If you don’t have room for a full-out desk, I would say: use a console table. You can put it behind your living room, sofa-style it with a lamp, and you can pull up a chair and sit there to work throughout the day.

You can also turn an extra closet into a workspace, and create a little nook so that you can get focused now. This last design trend is something that’s geared more toward people that are looking for a new home or building a new home and want to create a very on-trend floor plan.

Yes, there was a time when we knocked down all the walls and we lived in a very open-concept space now, maybe due to lifestyle changes and people being home a lot more. The traditional closed-off floor plan is more on-trend.

Bringing back the traditional dining room, closed-off home office, spaces french doors to create privacy. All of these little things really create more of an on-trend design. This closed-out floor plan gives you a lot more sound privacy and visual privacy.


To Sum It All Up

So, in my opinion, I love traditional floor plans and I think they are definitely on trend this year, all right, that’s it for my top 10 interior design trends for 2022. I hope you guys enjoyed watching and I hope it gave you a better understanding of where interior design is headed this year.

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