What To Do If You Lock Your Keys in Your Car

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Shot of Car key and house key dangling from the ignition of car

There is no feeling more frustrating and irritating than shutting your car door to realise the keys are still inside. However, it is important to find a solution to unlock your car without breaking the bank or a window. So, if you are locked out of your car, don’t panic, here is a step-by-step guide on what to do:

Don’t Panic

Remaining calm is highly important. It is completely normal to panic in this type of situation however, this article is here to help ease your mind and provide a solid solution.

Panicking will lead to stress which can result in reckless behaviour and a flurry of desperate ideas on how to break-in. Such ideas can be using a coat hanger or shoe lace to pick the lock or using a wedge on the card door. No matter how tempting these seem in a desperate time they are not necessarily the best option. Therefore, it is paramount you take a few breaths and remain calm.

Check for unlocked doors

It may sound foolish, however in a moment of panic it is easy to forget to check the simple solutions. This is because it’s instinct for your brain to narrow and focus on the urgency of the problem at hand.

Make sure that you check all the doors are definitely locked. If you have an automatic boot release, it is also worth giving it a try before attempting any solution to unlock your car.

Don’t attempt to break-in yourself

Following on from the first point, using a wire coat hanger or any other manual method is dangerous to the car and even oneself. Cars are designed to withstand attempted break-ins or forced entry. It could trigger the alarm or worse, break a window, cause damage to the locks, you or to the car itself which could be extremely costly making the situation worse. Unless you are trained to work with car locks, leaving it to a professional is the best option.

Call family or friend to bring a spare key

If there is a spare key available, call a family member or friend, if nearby, to bring it to you. This can be a good solution and potentially quicker and cheaper than an auto locksmith.

Make sure, before they bring you the key, to give them an accurate description of which key to bring and your location to save time.

Contact an Auto Locksmith

Contacting an auto locksmith is the best option when a spare key is not quickly unavailable. An auto locksmith is a professional locksmith who specialises in the repair and replacement of car locks. They also help car owners gain access back into their car quickly and efficiently without breaking any part of the vehicle. No matter what vehicle you are locked out of from cars, trucks, vans etc, they have the tools to help.

When you call an auto locksmith you can expect a fast and professional service allowing you access back into your car in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

If you are based in the Cardiff area, Tony’s Locksmiths are reliable auto locksmiths available in emergency situations such as this.


Getting locked out of your car doesn’t have to be scary or daunting experience if you know who to call for help. An auto locksmith is a great option for quickly and safely getting back into your car without any hassle or damage being done.

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