Bernie Sanders Launches Second Presidential Campaign

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The independent senator for the state of Vermont, Bernie Sanders, announced on Tuesday that he will attend for the second time the primary Democratic Party to achieve the presidential candidacy for this formation in the elections of 2020.

Sanders, who defines himself as a “socialist democrat,” made this announcement in an interview with a Vermont public radio station, according to US media reports.

The senator already competed in 2016 for the Democratic nomination for the presidency in a few primaries that Hillary Clinton finally won.

“What I promise to do is, while touring the country, to take the values that everyone in Vermont is proud of: our belief in justice, in the community, in grassroots politics and in local meetings,” Sanders said. the interview that CNN.

“Three years ago, during our 2016 campaign, when we presented our progressive agenda, we were told that our ideas were ‘radical’ and ‘extreme’,” the senator explained on Tuesday in an email sent to his followers and published by The Senator. New York Times.

“Well, these three years have passed and they have already left, and as a result, there are millions of Americans who stand up and fight back, all these political ideas now have the support of most Americans,” he argues, referring to the need to apply new health, economic and educational policies, as well as to promote the fight against climate change and the increase of taxes on the rich.

During his last campaign, the independent politician defended measures such as the application of a public health system for all Americans, raise the minimum wage or extend public education.

Sanders will compete in the primaries against Sen. Elizabeth Warren, also a progressive wing of the Democratic Party, who announced her candidacy in December of last year with a message in defense of the middle class and criticizing the billionaires and large corporations.

The Democratic representative who is elected will have to face the current president, Donald Trump, who in recent days has taken up the banner and has radicalized his speech to “eliminate the Western hemisphere the advance of socialism” Relying on the Venezuelan crisis for that purpose.

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