Catalonia Highlights the MERC Helm in Final

The terms in vogue to describe the present are “fracture” and “fragmentation”, which allude to a fortuitous accident. But political traumas are not the product of chance but of deliberate actions. The notion of fracking is preferable technique of hydrocarbon exploitation through hydraulic injection that fractures the subsoil. And that describes much better the state of the question, fractured by actors who remove electoral oil by injecting solvents into the political current.

There is an obvious fracking that is almost banal, like that of the CDRs that inject under the Catalan asphalt their violence of low intensity, or that of the digital channels that filter the material injected by the curator of the sewers. And there is another much more serious fracking , which could disrupt reality.

In Catalonia, the ERC’s helm stands out when it presented Maragall to the Mayor of Barcelona and Junqueras to the European ones, which has definitively divided the secessionism, until now unified under the aegis of Waterloo’s fugitive. The constitutional front is also divided with the divergent electoral ambitions of the three liberal, conservative and social democratic tenors. A frackingstate resulting from the motion of censure, mere astral conjunction of a Frankenstein constellation predestined to explode.

And that’s not to mention other minor frackings , such as the coalition Unidos Podemos (also quartered in Madrid, Barcelona and other autonomous regions) or the CIS of Tezanos, electorally speaking very significant. The fracking politician has become the zeitgeist of our time: not only affects and divides Spain but also surrounding countries (see Brexit or Insorgimento Italian), and even the EU itself, threatening to burst into an implosive big bang .

As it will happen as soon as the grand coalition that governs in Berlin and therefore in Europe is broken, after the fall from grace of Angela Merkel due to the irresistible rise of Alternative for Germany (AfD).

How to explain the rise of fracking ? It is the old strategy of divide et impera in the era of electoral marketing. The most effective is to act like stock market investors who bet down by taking short positions (which is done by selling expensive borrowed securities to repurchase them at low prices as soon as they have fallen).

A technique of lowering that allows votes to be taken betting on the next fall of political capital associated with the majority consensus. Pure populist speculation, sure to succeed in the era of the Trump effect.

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