What Are the Options for A Long Lasting House Sign

Keep It Presentable

The appearance of your home on the approach is not only mentally uplifting for yourself after a long day at work, but it can also be a statement to others. You want the outside of your house to look clean, well kept and presented with trimmed hedgerows, a kept lawn and well-maintained brickwork. Cardiff landscape gardeners enhance outdoor spaces to the highest quality. Another simple addition that can finish off the aesthetic of the frontal aspect of your home is a modern and long lasting house sign. In this article, we’ll explore the different styles on the market, the materials they are offered in and, most importantly, the best choice for a long-lasting sign.

What Materials Are Out There?

We’ve seen many designs of house signs over the years, from a strong block of oak boasting the number of a converted barn, to small kitsch ceramic plates with delicate imagery on a cottage door. You can opt for a clean frosted acrylic effect for the more modern home, or perhaps a brushed aluminium. Of course, there are numerous types of stone signs on the market, including granite, marble and slate respectively.

Styles And Shapes

The similarities with all of these materials is that they can be cut to virtually any bespoke design. A simple square or rectangular sign is quite often the way to go, but others like the fun of an oval or circle, whilst a waved number would be perfect for a coastal dwelling. The engraving or writing itself can be clear and large, using a statement font to draw attention to the front of your home, plus making it an easier marker for new visitors and delivery men.

Consider This

Of course, when considering your house sign, you want to ensure that is is durable and weather proof. You want a sign that won’t need replacing due to damage and wear and tear from the environmental elements.

Although most of these materials can be fairly withstanding, the most popular choice to go with is a strong, natural slate. This stone has an ability to withstand the force of mother nature, is easily accessible and can be designed to your ideals. A dark grey, metamorphic stone that was once used as a writing tool in schools, slate can be split into smooth plates, making it a fairly lightweight material for a sign.

What Slate Is Best?

Slate quarries can be located throughout the world, from Spain, Brazil and China. Spain may be the largest producer of the stone, but its quality can vary hugely. It goes without saying that Welsh slate is your long lasting solution. Did you know that slate quarries within North Wales were operating during the Roman times? Whilst Penrhyn Quarry has been providing slate since the 13th century. Welsh slate is recognised globally as the most enduring type of slate, due to it’s naturally strong composition, which is why we use it for the roof tiles of our homes. It’s composition makes it completely impermeable to water, so even in freezing conditions, it won’t crack or expand.

So to summarise, when purchasing your house sign, look out for Welsh “Penrhyn” slate if you want a durable, stylish and long lasting solution.

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