Do squirrels chew on composite decking?

So you are thinking of installing composite decking and are wondering, do squirrels chew on composite decking?

Yes, they do and we have a video below to prove it below. Although most composite decking companies claim that composite decking is very long-lasting and does not warp or fade, this is not always the case. It is true that modern composite decking such as Principality Plastic’s high-quality range has improved significantly over the last few years, older decking provided by many of the main suppliers has failed and not lived up to their claims.

You have only got to search on Google for “composite decking problems” and you will see the consumer affairs website listing some socking reviews, click here to learn more

However composite decking well-installed should last a considerable time but must be installed correctly and strictly to the manufacturer’s instructions. Failure to do this can lead to warranties not being valid or enforceable.

Squirrel chews on composite decking




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