The best Adventure Activity holidays in Wales

Adventure wales

Wales is one of the best countries that you can spend your holiday in and have the best experience. The country has various adventurous activities. The activities are enticing to both the residents and tourists. If you would like to have a holiday full of adventure activities, then you should visit Wales.

The activities are offered throughout the year. Therefore, you can visit the country during any season as you will get something to do in Wales despite the weather. This article will help you know the different adventure activities that you can participate in while you are in wales for your holiday. The major areas of activities for your adventure are land and water. Also, you can do some activities as an individual, whereas others require a team. For further details see Welsh Activity Holidays for further information.

Land Activities

Many people love land activities due to adrenaline-filled experiences. Many land activities exist in Wales, and they include:

Mountain Biking

Wales is full of bridleways, coastal roads, and woodland trails which surround mountains. These roads are incredible for mountain climbing. This land activity is one of the best adventures that you can experience. Riding a bike around the mountain and in the woods is fun, and also it is an exercise. Mountain biking can also be used as a therapeutic activity during your holiday. It is calming to ride your bike around the calm environment of the mountain.

You can participate in this activity even if you are a beginner. The roads are not complicated, and thus you can ride at a slower speed. If you are an expert in mountain biking, then you will have fun by going faster. You will explore the surroundings of the mountain and get to see the beauty of wales. Also, if you are a resident of wales, you can bring your bike as it is allowed.

High ropes Activities

If you are not afraid of heights, then you should take part in the height ropes activities, including zip-lining. Also, you can be scared of heights, but use these activities to get over your fear. You want your holiday to be adventurous, and then you should take part in activities that you have never thought of. Wales has the best high-ropes activities that many people appreciate.

Most of the high ropes activities are used by tourists for team building. Therefore, if your team wants to go for a holiday where they would have an adventure, you should suggest Wales. The team will be excited to go for zip lining. Some of them might be scared, but after some time they will get over it. Therefore, high rope activities are the best adventures for a team.

Laser Combat Games

Teamwork is mostly learned during holidays. Laser combat games are one of the adventure holiday activities that enhance teamwork. The laser combat games use the latest infra-red technology used by the Royal Marine Commandos during training. Any age group can play the games as they are painless. Each team has to work together to ensure that they are not defeated. Therefore, as much as it is fun, the players get to learn the importance of teamwork.

Go Karting

You are probably the best drive in your circle, but would you like to know if you are good at go karting. Go Karting is one of the best games that friends can play during a holiday. It is competitive and fun. You will have to put your serious face on when playing because it is a competition, but it will make you have fun with your friends. Most companies have both outdoor and indoors, and thus you can take part in this activity during any weather. Any group can participate in go karting irrespective of their numbers. Therefore, the next time you and your friends are in wales, you should try the go karting game.


Nothing is exciting, like hiding and shooting paintballs at your opponent’s when you are on holiday. Paintballing is a common land activity in Wales. It is an excellent adventure activity for team building. If you want to have a strong relationship with your family or workmates while on holiday in Wales, then you should do paintballing.

Horse Riding

Riding a horse is a fantastic adventure holiday activity in Wales. It is a fun activity for both beginners and experienced riders. You can ride at any location that you choose, and this can be around the beach, moorland tracks, or in schools. Horse riding is relaxing, and you can do it alone and improve your self-awareness.


Quad Biking

Quad biking is an exciting adventure holiday activity that you can enjoy while in Wales. You will ride the quad bikes in any location that you want. You will also get to enjoy riding the bike in mud-soaked roads. It is a good activity if you are on holiday with your team.

Water Activities

You will have a lot of fun if you participate in water activities while in Wales for your holiday. Some of the most common water activities include:


Moving across a water body without the aid of boats is an adventurous activity. When you participate in coasteering, you will move along an intertidal zone of a rocky coastline on foot or by swimming to the other side. It is a challenge, but it is fun and is used for team building.

Surf Skiing

Anyone would like to ride the waves in the sea on an open kayak. Wales has many bays which offer this activity. You can do this as an individual or as a team. You can surf from bay to bay, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the coastal area of Wales.

River Experience

You can have the best river experience during your holiday in Wales. Some of the major activities that you can do in the river are kayaking, paddle boarding, buoyancy tasks, and river jumps. These activities are best for a team.

Gorge Walking

Gorge Walking is one of the best activities that wales is known for as it excites many people. It is interesting to follow the river down the gorge where you will scramble on rocks, and jump into plunge pools. You should follow the instructor. This is a fun activity, and it promotes teamwork. Your team should help each other across the water. You and your team should take part in gorge walking when you are on holiday in Wales.

As you can see there is something to do for everyone in Wales so why not come a visit this great country and see for yourself.

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