Where Does the Venice Simplon Orient Express Begin and End

Where does the Venice Simplon Orient Express go?

This question is one of the most common among travellers considering an adventure on the Venice Simplon Orient Express. This iconic train has been running since the early 1980’s and its itinerary is quite varied. So, it needs clarification to help you understand exactly where your journey will take you.

It’s useful to know the background to the Venice Simplon Orient Express. Today, the train comprises vintage carriages and is owned by the company Belmond Ltd, offering five-star luxury to passengers who climb on board.

There are a few different routes you can follow on the Venice Simplon Orient Express. No matter which you choose, all journeys take in some beautiful cities and stunning scenery as you travel. Some of the highlights include:








The favourite route for most passengers is from London to Venice (and back, if you choose to book a return ticket), which is one of the iconic journeys to take on the Venice Simplon Orient Express. When starting your journey in London, you board the Belmond British Pulman, a different train to the Venice Simplon Orient Express but run by the same managing company (Belmond Ltd.) and just as glorious and opulent inside and out.

For all intents and purposes, the London to Calais leg of the journey is considered as part of the complete route when you book the Venice Simplon Orient Express and you’l find the very same high standards on board for this part of the journey. In fact, the traditional old Pullman carriages have been masterfully restored to all their former glory.

On the London to Calais part of the journey, you travel down to the port of Folkestone and then go through the Euro Tunnel to Calais. Boarding, the Venice Simplon Orient Express here, you’ll then continue your exciting journey.

The train takes in a variety of stunning routes through many different cities and countries. To give you an insight into the type of route you can book, the most popular are;


  • Venice-Prague-London
  • Paris-Istanbul


Journeys can begin and end at a number of cities covered by the route. Also, it’s possible to book a one-way trip, as well as a return journey on any of these routes.

In conclusion, planning ahead is a good idea, giving yourself time to think about the various options. Once you’ve chosen and booked your journey on the Venice Simplon Orient Express, you can then sit back and relax while dreaming about just how superb your experience will be.

What to wear on the Venice Simplon Orient Express


When travelling on this classic luxury train, you can never really be overdressed. Indeed, there’s a dress code that guests are expected to observe to preserve the tone and tradition of the Venice Simplon Orient Express. For example, at dinner, men should dress in a suit and tie and women in a smart outfit. Many guests take this to the next level and actually wear black tie or evening dress. After all, you really want to look the part, as well as feel it in these magnificent surroundings.


 By day, guests wear smart-casual clothes, but when sitting down to meals like lunch, men should wear a tie and women should be dressed smartly. It’s worth remembering that jeans are not suitable for the Venice Simplon Orient Express and would really ruin the chic and semi-formal ambience on board.


How much does it cost to travel on the Venice Simplon Orient Express?


Running from around the middle of March to roughly the beginning of November every year, the Venice Simplon Orient Express has a pricing structure and costs vary according to your journey and type of cabin booked, as well as other factors. As a general guide, you can expect to book for a starting price of about £2,200 per person for a standard journey like Venice to London. However, if you really want all the frills and upgrades, booking a Grand Suite to Istanbul, for example, costs around £40,000.

You can consult the Venice Simplon Orient Express pricing schedule for the latest details. As with many trips and holidays, an early booking can often get you the best deals.


Is food included on the Venice Simplon Orient Express?


Food is included when you book your journey, with Table d’hôte meals. A continental breakfast and tea in the afternoon are brought to your own room/compartment. You’ll be served lunch and dinner in the grand surroundings of the dining carriages


Gourmet cuisine and a very high-class service are part of the excellent offerings on board. Lunch and dinner are à la carte and, if you fancy a snack or refreshments, these can be brought to your compartment (for an additional charge).


The Belmond British Pulman leg of the journey serves you with lunch and includes a glass of champagne on the house, as well as a half-bottle of wine. If you finish your trip back in London, you’ll also enjoy refreshing afternoon tea on board before disembarking. For further information read Tourism Review.

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