How To Start a Stihl Chainsaw

Before starting a Stihl, it is important that you learn how to follow the correct procedure. In this article, we have provided you with the right steps that you need to follow to start your Stihl chainsaw safely.

1. Remove the bar cover

Stihl chainsaws often come equipped with a cover or sheath that goes over the bar and chain. Be sure to remove it before you start your chainsaw. Once you remove it, your tool will be ready to use when you start it.

2. Activate the chain brake

To activate the chain brake, simply push it forward. As a safety precaution, this will keep your chain locked when starting your chainsaw and until it’s ready for use.

3. Press the decompression valve

Some Stihl chainsaws come with a decompression. Press the decompression valve down to relieve the engine compression, which will allow you to pull the recoil starter with ease.

4. Press the primer bulb

Some chainsaws come with a primer bulb located on one side. In this case, press the primer bulb several times. This will remove any air that’s in the fuel pipe, allowing it to flow to the carburettor. In turn, this will help your engine to start swiftly.

5. Setting the master control to cold/choke start setting

Press down the handle on the throttle trigger lockout and depress it with your thumb. Use your forefinger to pull in the throttle, then pull the master control lever and position it to choke.


6. Lay the chainsaw on a flat surface

Always start your Stihl chainsaw from a sitting position. Ensure that the chain and the bar don’t make any contact with the surface.

7. Hold down your chainsaw with your hand and foot

Slip your right-foot toe into the opening on the rear handle while pressing down on the front handle using your left hand and wrapping your fingers and thumb around it as you lock your elbow.

8. Pull the starter rope

Use your right hand to slowly pull the chainsaw’s starter rope until you feel resistance. Pull it hard a few times until your chainsaw fires. Pull it upward while making sure that it’s vertically positioned and the rope is not chafing against the fan housing.

9. Give it several strong tugs

The engine will fire and die again immediately, which is normal. The master control lever should be moved up one position (half throttle) when this happens.

10. Pull the starter rope once more

Using the same method as step 8, grasp the starter rope and pull it vertically. This will fire the engine again.

11. Move back the master control lever to the idle setting

As soon as the engine of your chainsaw has fired and started running, use your index finger to briefly tap the throttle trigger. This will move the master control lever back to the idle setting.

12. Lift up the chainsaw

Slowly lift the chainsaw up, making sure that you don’t touch the throttle trigger.

13. Release the chain brake

With your left hand, pull the handle on the chainsaw brake towards you. As you do this, use your left hand to grasp the handlebar. A clicking sound means that the chain is now released and ready to turn on the bar.

14. Check the chain lubrication

Hold up your saw against a piece of paper or any light-coloured background, then open the throttle completely. You can start working if you see some chain lubricant in the background.

15. Your Stihl chainsaw is ready for use.

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