How to Measure Windows for Blinds

how to measure windows for blinds

You don’t have to struggle to pick the right blinds for your home or workplace. The first step you must do is measure your window so that you know the size of blinds you will need, and the amount that would best meet your expectations. In this article, we will show you how to measure your window for blinds. We believe that this information can also help you with your budget needs.

The Things You Need to Measure Your Window

Before commencing the process of taking measurements for blinds, you must have the right resources and tools at your disposal. Here are the items that you must have ahead of the activity.

• A step stool or ladder
• Pencil and paper
• Steel measuring tape

Measuring for Inside Mount Blinds

As the name suggests, these blinds are placed on the inside of your window frame. Due to their aesthetic nature, the inside blinds have gained popularity worldwide. Since perfectly fit inside the window frame, they provide a clean look. They let the woodwork of your window frame to become exposed, which is why they stand out.

To get the best look for your window, make sure that the measurements are precise. You must also leave extra room for error. Since there is limited room in the window frame, the measurements must be accurate. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Start with The Width of the Window

There are different types of windows, and they can also be imperfect. Therefore, try to measure the window in three places; the bottom, middle, and the top. Only measure the inside frame of the window for interior blinds as other types will not require this sort of measurement as they will be suspended outside the frame.

Try to be as accurate as possible. Be sure to round the narrowest measurement down to 1/8, and you will use this for the final dimension for the blinds. It is a rule that you must never round up the inside measurement as that would cause the blinds do not fit in the window.

Step 2: Measure The Height of the Window

You also must measure the height of your window in three places; left corner, right corner, and the centre. The same will be done for the outside frame when doing the interior mount blinds. Like you did with the width, the measurements of the height must be rounded down to the nearest 1/8 inch. But you must be sure to use the largest dimension for the blind length measurement.

Step 3: Measure The Depth of the Window Frame

This is an extremely important measurement that must be taken before mounting the blinds. This is because almost all blinds come with a minimum depth requirement that you must pay close attention to. To get the best result, you have to measure the depth of your window frame accurately. Unfortunately, if you have too narrow window frames, you will only do the outside mounting.

To be precise, to take the depth measurement, focus on the depth between the end of the window frame and the glass. When taking the measurements, you want to consider all obstructions such as tracks or cranks that might interfere with the installation process.

How to Measure for The Outside Mount Blinds

When you are ready to measure for the outside blinds, you will use the same process as when measuring for the inside blinds. However, there are key differences you must take note of. The exterior mounted blinds could be a great choice if any of the factors below apply:

• Your windows have unique shapes. Since these mounts are mounted on the walls around your window, they can perfectly work for any shape and type of window

• You want to create an impact using design. With the outside mounted blinds, you will create a taller, dramatic, and unique appearance

• You have shallow windows. The exterior mount blinds work best for windows with small frames, such as doors


Step 1: Measure Width of the Section to Be Covered

Compared to the inside mounts, these have additional flexibilities. For instance, you can decide to have the width of your blind to end right at the edge of the window or even have it expanded to create an impression of a larger window.

Though you can pick the most appropriate width for your window, you suggest you add at least 2-3 inches per side to the measurements to get rid of lights and provide additional privacy. The main function of the blinds is to block lights, so by adding a few inches on each side, you will easily achieve that.

Step 2: Measure The Height of the Area

In the same way you need with the width, the height can be selected based on the amount of space you are looking to cover. In case your window has a natural sill, then the dimension should end right at the top of its sill. However, if the sill is not there, the measurement can be done based on your taste and preference.

You Can Talk to an Expert

Since your home needs to be given the best design, you want to ensure that the measurements are perfectly taken. Therefore, if you doubt your skills, consider talking to an experienced expert to help you with the work. They will accurately talk the measurements so that you end up with perfectly mounted window blinds. Most of them will do the work within the shortest time possible without charging exorbitantly. The team at Get Blinds Online offer a measure and fitting guide for a wide variety of blinds. 

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