Five Reasons To Hire A Professional Kitchen Planner 

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When it comes to creating and planning the design of a new room in your house, there are some spaces that you can get away with designing for yourself, and then there are others that deserve the attention and expertise of a professional. A bedroom or an office room is something that you might want to try for yourself, but kitchens, kitchens are an area of the home that need the skills and experience of a professional kitchen planner to fully unlock their potential.

There is a level of practicality in a kitchen that also needs to be considered along with style, and there might be elements that you might not even have thought of that an experienced professional immediately recognises.

With all of this in mind, here are five of the most crucial reasons you should consider hiring a professional kitchen planner for your renovation.

1. Product knowledge

Many of us can tend to get stuck in one period of time when it comes to design technology, but this is not the case with a professional kitchen planner. It is a key element of their job to have their finger on the pulse regarding the latest and greatest innovations in the kitchen world. Having their inside industry knowledge of trends and products will mean that your final kitchen design will be much more modern and effective than if you had tried for yourself. Kitchen equipment and furniture can be very expensive, so you want to make sure that the money you are spending is going towards products that are going to stay in trend and convenient for a long time to come.

2. Design expertise

The world of design is an unexpectedly tricky one. Some people simply do not have the right kind of eye and vision for making a great space from scratch, and if you are in this category then a professional kitchen planner is essential. It is the job of a planner to be able to identify potential problems in a design and adjust them accordingly. Sometimes you need that outside opinion and neutral perspective to come in and be able to suggest alternatives that will ultimately make for a much better overall design. There aren’t design schools for nothing; it takes years of training to get to a professional level!

3. Customer service skills

One of the other crucial parts of the kitchen planner profession in the ability to be an effective middleman when it comes to customer service from the various companies that you buy your materials and products from. Hiring a kitchen planner essentially hands over all of the admin that you would have otherwise had to do yourself, and gives them the responsibility of chasing up orders, dealing with delays, making complaints if needed etc. For many people, it is a relief to hand over the responsibilities to someone else, especially someone who has vast experience with most of the mainstream kitchen design outlets and companies that need dealing with. In some instances, companies that know they are working with an established kitchen planner might even offer special rates or deals that are not oth

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erwise available.

4. Resources and contacts

Arguably the biggest benefit of hiring a professional kitchen planner to assist you with your renovation is the fact that they will have an entire phonebook list full of contacts and network connections that might come in handy at some point in the project. If you start on your own, you have no experts to turn to for help or advice, but a kitchen planner makes it their business to have a network of people with whom they can call in favours, get inside advice, and extra help if needed. If you are debating whether the cost of a professional kitchen planner is too expensive, then think of it this way – you are not only buying the services of the planner alone, you are also buying the access that said planner will have to contacts.

5. Quality of products

When it comes to a room as important as the kitchen, you really can’t get away with trying to do things ‘on the cheap’. Budget materials and products will start to show their true value very quickly, and for that reason, it does pay to have a kitchen planner heading the project. Someone who commits to only sourcing and using the very best that they can find. This does not always have to mean the most expensive, but their extensive knowledge of current kitchen designs and trends will mean that they know precisely which corners are okay to cut and which cannot be compromised.¬†

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