Importance of Installing CCTV for Your Business

cctv business benefits

Maintaining the safety and security of individuals and property is extremely important across all walks of life. And, we cannot discuss security measures in today’s world without mentioning CCTV. This video surveillance system features security cameras that help to record images and videos in the surrounding environment and transmitting them to a monitor. The advancement in their technology and design has far improved their capabilities over the years, placing them at the forefront of the most used security systems. For some industry insight into just how important these security measures are to businesses in 2021, we spoke to Easy Security Systems, a CCTV and security systems company based in Caerphilly, South Wales. 

CCTV systems are vital for any business, here’s why:

Prevent and Deter Crime

Regardless of the type or size of business you run, you must protect it from any losses caused by both internal and external factors. Internal factors include things like employee theft while external factors range from burglary, vandalism, theft, etc. Did you know that more than 30% of all businesses go bankrupt due to employee theft while the rest experience significant losses? Well, installing CCTV cameras on commercial premises eliminates any blind spots, allowing you to watch over them 24/7. CCTV cameras also act as a great deterrent against criminals as they are less likely to commit any wrong if they know they are being watched.

Collect Evidence of a Crime

business CCTV cameraIn the unfortunate event that a crime occurs at your premises, the footage obtained from your CCTV cameras can help you find out exactly what happened. The footage will show the time, place, and most importantly, the perpetrators of the crime. CCTV cameras monitor the surrounding environment; as such, even a crime committed at your neighbour’s premises might be caught on your cameras. The tapes from a video surveillance system are usually solid evidence and can help the authorities solve crimes far more easily.

Ensure Staff Security

CCTV cameras can help deter intruders, as well as aggressive behaviour towards your employees –whether verbal or physical abuse. In commercial premises that deal with sensitive materials or heavy machinery, it is necessary to watch employees to prevent accidents. CCTV footage can also provide invaluable lessons to both employees and employers, and highlight changes that should be made to ensure a safe work environment for everyone. 

Keeping your employees safe is of great importance as it protects them from injury and illness, which in turn, lowers absenteeism and turnover as well as injury/illness costs. It also shows that you care, which raises employee morale and increase productivity.

Increase Customer Confidence and Satisfaction

Installing CCTV cameras at your business premises, without forgetting the parking lot, enhances a customer’s shopping experience. It makes them feel cared for, valued and builds their confidence when shopping. These systems also allow you to monitor customers’ experiences at your premises, which helps you come up with the necessary steps to ensure a quality product and service delivery.

Protect Against False Liability Claims

If someone suffers an injury within your business premises, you are legally required to offer compensation. Your business’s finances might suffer from settling such bills and paying huge legal fees. Although insurance can help, your business’s reputation might be at stake. In our increasingly litigious society, people are always trying to take advantage of others just to collect a cheque. CCTV footage can provide the much-needed evidence to get rid of false liability claims.

Reduce Employee-Related Incidences

Incidences related to employee behaviour such as workplace violence, sexual harassment, and theft, are quite common. Installing CCTV cameras acts as a deterrent to such employee misconduct because they are aware of 24-hr monitoring. Should any of these acts be committed, CCTV footage will provide irrefutable evidence of what happened.

Lower Costs

Installing security cameras on commercial premises significantly lowers security-related costs. That’s because you won’t need to employ as many security personnel to patrol your entire property. CCTV technology has improved over the years. There are even high-end wireless cameras that are highly functional, reliable, less obstructive, small in size, and cheap to maintain. Others feature night infrared technology that allows you to monitor your premises day and premises CCTV

Secondly, properties with CCTV systems are considered safer and more secure than those without. Low risk equals low premiums. And, the fact that there will always be video evidence is also good news for insurance companies as there will be fewer false claims coming their way.

Improve Productivity

Knowing that they are being monitored at all times through the security cameras encourages employees to be on their best behaviour. This results in increased employee productivity. Reduced need for human supervision will also allow managers and business owners to devote their time to more critical work that adds value to the business.

Final Thoughts

The main purpose of CCTV cameras is to provide real-time surveillance of all happenings at your business premises. A well designed, installed and maintained system is practically impenetrable. Monitoring is also never hindered by a human error like the guard being distracted or falling asleep. This gives you peace of mind that your business is well protected 24/7. There’s a wide range of CCTV cameras to choose from depending on your needs and budget. So, get shopping today and cash in on all these benefits.

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