How To Track My Wifes Phone Without Her Knowing it

Husband tracking wifes phone

Have you noticed some signs that indicate your wife could be cheating? Well, that might just be speculations, so how will you prove it? You can download apps, install GPS or find programs that would help confirm your speculations, right. But do they work as you would expect them to do?

Man Spying on Girl friends phone


You may be wondering how to track my wife’s phone without her knowing it. Mobile trackers are applications you can install on the phone, and they will help you track down and spy on what you have in mind. They can track the individual location and conversations they hold. You can use numerous apps that don’t require you even to get hold of the phone you’re tracking. But do they work? If you suspect something with your wife, you can get the app would be the only way to clear the doubts.


 Tracking apps also help you in your daily life as you can use them to keep track of what your kids are doing or track down a stolen gadget. Luckily, there is a solution to it. Some of the apps are effective and operate discreetly, ensuring she will not be suspicious about anything. But how will you go about the tracking?




How to track my wife’s phone without her knowing


One of the best ways to track her is through mobile apps. People use some apps like minspy across the globe due to their efficiency in tracking down all that your wife does with her phone. It is compatible with most android phones making it more useful. The app boasts numerous features that make it popular among users. All the tracking takes place discreetly. It is a trusted tracking app that spouses rely on to weigh how faithful and honest their spouses are.  How To Track My Wifes Phone Without Her Knowing it. How will the app help you spy on your wife?


Here is a list of some of the best apps you can use to track your wife’s activities without touching her phone.




When you decide to track your wife’s activities, this app will provide virtually all the information you need. The app will unveil all the information in the said device. You will also be able to know about her location via the app. It is a highly effective and easy-to-use app that makes it popular among the user. The app also lets you mark some geographical boundaries beyond which you will get an alert since the app has a geo-fence feature.


The app works with most smartphones, and you only need to touch the phone once while installing it. After that, you will not need to have physical access to the gadget. Once you install it, you will notice the app working, and it immediately disappears to the background so that she won’t notice a strange icon on the screen. The app is very small and doesn’t drain the phone’s battery, hence minimizing the user’s chances of raising the alarm. If your wife uses iPhone, you will not need to touch her phone; instead, you will only key in her iCloud details, and the app will start running.


 The app works with various browsers saving you the struggle of having to install a particular browser that will work with the app. Go for any browser, and the results will be great. The app is safe and effective as it operates discreetly, allowing you to gather all the data you want. Importantly, you will be sure to get all the data you wish to discreetly.




It is yet another useful app that lets you monitor a particular phone remotely. Everything is done in a stealth mode hence assuring you no chances that your wife will discover what is happening. The app is popular due to its effectiveness. Thus, it enables you to locate your wife, and it works excellently since you won’t need to get hold of her phone since the app works remotely. Many users like it since it is user-friendly and works with a variety of browsers to give amazing results. This app gives you access to the target device irrespective of your location. You will be able to have access to her messages, call logs and social media chats via the app.




It is another app that lets you keep track of your phone discreetly. It is easy to use and convenient app that doesn’t need to physically touch the phone to install it. The app works remotely, and it will track all you want. It is compatible with virtually all smartphones and works on most browsers hence making it convenient for you. The app is easy to use, and it doesn’t need one to have the technical knowledge to use it. The app is available in multiple subscriptions, and you can choose a package that suits you best.




It is yet another app that will help you track what your wife is doing with her phone without physically touching it. It is a well-organized app hence adding to its popularity among users across the globe. The app gives amazing results, and it is available in numerous packages, which gives you room to choose what works for you. It allows you to monitor the target device and have access to all the information you want. Through this app, you will track call logs, messaging apps, location, contacts, and browser history. You will get virtually all you want to get from the device.




It is another app that lets you remotely track a particular phone and access all the information you need. You don’t need to worry since the app doesn’t need you to touch the phone. Moreso, the app is secure, effective, and operates discreetly. It will deliver the results you need for all the spying tasks. Importantly, the app doesn’t store any data it collects; hence no compromise on her privacy. All the information it collects is safe, and you can be sure to use it safely for your purposes.


The Cocospsy App


It yet another app that is capable of tracking the activities your wife engages in while using her. It is a useful app that is compatible with android and iOS. It is has a user-friendly interface and doesn’t require rooting the phone; hence you won’t be subjected to hackers or malware. The app is web based hence allowing you to access her phone via the web browser. After installation, the app will work stealthily, collecting all the data you need without your wife taking notice of anything happening. The apps have impressive features that enable you to track the apps installed on her phone and know her location. Its tracking capabilities also lets you to have access to her social media messaging apps.




Another application lets you spy on your spouse through her emails, messages, and even her actual location. You can use it with a wide variety of smartphones, and it is capable of recording videos and audio recording. The app does the work while letting you remain invisible. The app works best with iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately, even if the apps will give the conversations between your wife and somebody else, there is not enough proof for divorce in a court of law.


The Apps Has A Number of Features That Add to Their Functionality

 Some of the features include:


The Location Tracker


It helps you know the location of your wife through the GPS. Thus, through the app, you can tell whether the wife is where she claims to be.


The Message Tracking


The app is capable of intercepting messages that are being sent and received. Thus, accessing the communication for your wife will no longer be a mystery to you. You can also access any multimedia files she shares, even if she deletes them immediately.


Tracking Her Calls


Thanks to the apps, the incoming and outgoing calls will no longer be a mystery to you. You will be able to see the call duration, timestamps, and the contacts she communicates with frequently at the comfort of your computer. Besides, if she has several phones, you will be able to track them at a go using this app.


Track Her Online Activities


If you want to know the websites that your wife visits on her phone, the apps will let you know that. You will be able to know the sites she visits frequently. You will have to access the bookmarked websites, and you will see all the sent and received data. Besides, you will get access to the history of the websites she has been visiting using her phone.


Giving You Access to Her Calendar and Schedule


You will know where your wife is going every day through the apps since it relays the information on her diary to you. You will also be able to access her address, notes, and any events she notes on her calendar.


Spy Her Messaging Apps


Since the messages can be exchanged through several platforms, it is important to know the information she receives. The app will help you get exactly that. The app will intercept the messages and convey them to you. You will be able to track down her social media platforms, including Facebook, Skype, Instagram, and others, and know the truth.


Track Her Social Media Conversations


There are several ways your wife could communicate with others, including the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Skype, and Twitter. Luckily, the app lets you intercept the messages and know what your wife communicates through the platforms.


Gain Access the Her Multimedia Files


Most smartphone users fancy taking photos and videos virtually every day. The app plays its role in ensuring you have access to everything, including what the camera captures. Every video or photo she captures will be available to you.


What Are The Advantage Of Using Such Apps?

The App Operates Discreetly


All the activities in this app take place discreetly. Even though you have to install some of the apps, it automatically deletes itself immediately hence leaving no traces. Also, it gives no room for raising suspicion. You will not notice any installed apps, and you can track all the activities on your phone stealthily.


 Remote Tracking


The apps are web-based, which enables you to track your wife remotely. You only need to login into the app account and have access to the information you need. Importantly, you can track more than just her location.


Secure and Safe


Since the apps have no personal data access, you can be sure she will be secure from hacking and malware. Besides, no rooting is needed on the phone.

The apps are easy to use

The apps boast a user-friendly interface that makes them easy to use. The installation process is easy, and the apps go through auto-updates; thus, you won’t need to keep updating them.

Final line


You now know how you can go about tracking your wife’s phones without her knowing. You can use so many other methods to achieve the same results, but what matters most is how effective a given method can be. You should go for an app that is discreet, effective, and safe as well. Affordability is also a crucial factor. Most of the apps are compatible with a variety of iOS, and they are user-friendly, requiring no technical knowledge for you to operate them. Just ensure you check on the compatibility of the software and her phone, then download and install it. Have a rest and let the app do the work for you. Importantly, the apps operate discreetly; hence you won’t have to worry about the risk of your wife noticing it. All you need is to choose the app that suits your budget and get to know the truth about the dealings your wife is engaging. The apps make things easy since you won’t have to go through the struggle to follow up or question your wife. Instead, the app will deliver all the truth you need to judge your wife. Unlike the traditional methods where you had to listen to calls or read her messages secretly, the app will deliver all the information at your comfort.

You should check if it is legal or not in your country to download and install an app on someone else’s phone.

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