How Can I Track My Husband’s Phone Location?

Spying on husbands phone location

In the past, tracking someone’s phone was a reserve for experienced hackers. It was not even a discussion since it was considered too technical for any other layperson. In case of doubts on matters like infidelity, the only solution was to hire a private investigator.

The method was effective in bringing concrete evidence on the table. However, you had to rely on the efforts of an investigator, which could take time. Besides, you could spend a substantial amount of cash to get the proof you need.

Currently, tracking another person’s phone is easy and straightforward. The digital era has made it possible for you to be your own detective. Several apps can track and locate a phone without the owner’s permission. However, it would be best if you were careful since some may inform him that he is sharing his location with your number.

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, you can use such apps to clear your doubts. Besides, if you know that your spouse is cheating and you want evidence, here are some ways to spy on your husband’s phone and learn its location.


1. Install some Spy Apps on husbands Phone to find location

If you opt to use this method to spy on your hubby, ensure that he really is cheating and you want evidence to prove. This is because a spying app is more of an invasion of privacy and in case he is innocent, you will jeopardize trust in your marriage. You don’t want to look crazy or break your marriage with such a thing.

To use this method to track your husband’s phone location, you must install a spying app on his phone. You don’t have to worry about him locating the app. Most of these apps hide; thus, you will be the only one that knows how to find it. Generally, such apps give you access to his calls and messages. Some apps give you his phone’s location. The more expensive apps access his social media platforms and his browsing history. Some hackers offer service over the internet.

One of the best spy phone trackers you can use is called “mspy” because you do not need to install the app on the phone. You would simply send your husband an email with an image in it. Once he clicks on the email the app is installed without his knowledge. The app also allows you to monitor texts, email and calls, plus their location. This app works on both Android and IPhone, however on iPhone some features do not work unless the phone is jail broken. You also get 7 day free trial.


2. Trace his Phone

This helps you track his location using his mobile phone. Like in the past, you don’t need to follow him and know where he is. Find an app and download it on his phone and use it to know his whereabouts without following him. Most of the spying apps give you this option. However, some people may not be comfortable spying on all the data on the phone. Furthermore, it may be expensive to use spying software.

There are a variety of tracking apps that you can choose from. In most cases, such apps are available on the phone and all you need to switch them on. Hence, you have to access his phone and turn on the application. After that, share his location with your number and get to know his place without his knowledge.

This method will help you know his exact location. You may ask him and try and figure out if he is lying about his whereabouts. You may also decide to visit where he is you are sure he is with another woman. By doing this, you will catch him red-handed; thus, he will not deny it.


3. Peep at his Phone.

This is an obvious and simple approach to spy on your hubby. However, you have to know his phone’s password for you to use this method. Additionally, you have to ensure that he’s not around before you sneak through his phone.

You may send him on an errand where he doesn’t have to bring his phone. For example, request him to do some mowing. Alternatively, you can wait on the natural times that he leaves his phone behind. A good example is when he is going swimming and leaves the phone in the house.

Make sure he will take time on whatever he is doing before snooping through the phone. Besides, note the original state of his phone before going through so that he will find it where and how it was. You may take a picture of the initial state, so you don’t have trouble remembering how it was. You need to know where to check precisely on the phone, so you don’t waste time.

Surprisingly, most spouses who cheat communicate via email. The apparent reason for this is that you would rarely suspect email communication since most of us take it as an official communication platform.

Go through his pictures since they may give you a hint of his locations. Some phones may even link the location of where the photo was taken. Besides, go through his apps as he may have a dating app on his phone. As much as this is hard to agree with, make sure you are thorough in your search. This may give you chills that he is placing himself out there.

However, you need to get the relevant data on whichever way. Also, check his browsing history as it may give you information on what your husband has been searching for. Since he knows what he is doing is wrong, he may search on how to do it without you knowing. Moreover, he may search for where the woman lives.


4. Use the Cloud

 If you don’t know your husband’s password, use the cloud to snoop through his phone. We use the cloud to back up important information, knowingly or unknowingly. Therefore, if your husband communicates with the other woman through email or has recently sent photos to her, you can access the data through the cloud.

In most cases, married people share telephone bills and may even share things like cloud. The advantage is, not many of us are aware that the cloud contains most of the information on our phone, including pictures.

Since the cloud backs up most of the phone’s data, you will find even photos that were deleted. The bonus here is that you don’t necessarily need his password to snoop around. Take advantage of the cloud and get all the relevant evidence you need.

If you find any evidence, take a picture with your phone so that even if he deletes everything, you will have proof to back up your claims.


5. Install Voice Recorder a Camera in the House

Even though this method does not give you access to your husband’s messages, you can listen to all the conversations he makes while in the house. Install a camera where he picks his calls and captures all the secret calls he has been making.

If you suspect that he calls the other woman when you’re not around the house, you may leave switch on the voice recording app on your phone and leave it at home. You can set it on the location he takes calls from. A full record will give you access to what they were talking about. Therefore, you will have concrete evidence against him when you decide to confront him.


3 Apps to Track your Husband’s Phone Location

Tracking your husband’s phone location maybe for different reasons but in most cases, you suspect him. However, if your relationship is stable enough and there are no trust issues, you may use the following ways to track his location.


1. Find my friends

This is only for the iPhone family. The app does not work for android or windows phones, although there is an android app with the same name. To track your husband’s phone location using this app, you will have to invite him as a user you want to follow. Do this by adding him using your phone’s find my friends app.

By doing this, you are allowing him to share his with you his location and not you sharing your location with him. If you want to share your location, you will have to go to the share location and tap. It is also possible to turn this off if you don’t want to share your location.


2. Google + location sharing

This method is both for android and iOS users. You can locate your husband’s phone location using this method. However, all of you must have a Google + account for it to work. Using Google + location sharing, you are inviting your husband to see your location and not the other way around. Therefore, he must allow you to see his location through his phone.


3. GeoZilla and Life360

These apps not only give you the location of your husband’s phone but also whether the phone’s battery is about to die. You can access his location history through the apps, whether you are using android or iOS.

The above apps can be used to track your husband’s phone location. However, they are not secretive as most of them require your husband’s permission to know his whereabouts. Therefore, they apply only if you and your spouse have nothing to hide.

You can hardly use the apps to determine whether your husband is cheating. Therefore, using spy apps may be the solution to get evidence on your cheating spouse. Additionally, spy apps not only give you the location of your husband’s phone but also access to his messages.


Final Thoughts

The best way to work your marriage out is through communication. Talk to your husband first f you note any changes. In case he lies to you and you are sure about it, you can then go ahead to get the necessary evidence. However, note that this process is also harmful to you personally. If he is cheating, you will find so much information about it on his phone, which may end up hurting you.

Tracking your husband’s phone location may also cause more harm, not only to your marriage but also to his work. When you decide to go for spy software, you also expose important information from his phone to a third party on the other end. The person may use this information to hack the critical data from the company your husband works from.

Therefore, you must weigh all the possible impacts of spying on your husband’s phone before starting it. Again, ask yourself if you are ready for the outcome. This, however, does not mean you have to tolerate a cheating husband.

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