How to Decorate with Mirrors in the Living Room

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Interior Design Rules and Ideas to Consider 

Interior design tricks and trends are constantly changing. Interior designers and homeowners keep searching for trends that can boost their home’s space, maximize light, and give homes an authentic look. Decorating your living room with mirrors is a design trick that interior designers always use. Overmantels create bespoke mirrors that can be customised to your liking so you can choose the right frame design and weight to decorate your home in style. 

Every homeowner looks forward to having an authentic, classy home interior design. Read on to learn how to transform your living room with mirrors.

Exaggerate Symmetry

Mirrors create a sense of harmony and balance when used in pairs. They are essential components in terms of framing your view. When appropriately framed, mirrors dictate whether your living room is fit for an electric or orderly layout. 

Can you imagine seeing your living room divided into 18 parts? This idea is possible with a framed mirror. The mirror is primarily used to bring dynamist into effect and for decorative purposes. However, you’ll have to use another mirror for makeup purposes as this mirror is ideal for giving your room a puzzle effect.

Brighten Your Living Room with a Bespoke Mirror

With the emerging trends in the interior design sector, designers and homeowners need to cope with space and utilise critical trends such as mirrors. Today, you can place a bespoke mirror next to a window to harness and cast natural light into your living room. The mirror is designed to double up light sources, make your living room more open, and feel lighter.

large wall mirror

Use a large wall mirror

Mirrors are perceived as perfect objects to deceive the eye. Well-fitted mirrors can be used to deflect attention from something or enhance it. If your living room has an awkward shape, such as a small gap or a sloping ceiling, you can use a mantlepiece mirror to repurpose the space.

Besides enhancing your living room, mirrors are also used to boost your living room’s atmosphere. The secret is placing your large mirror against the living room’s wall, hence creating an illusion that there are several guests in your entertaining space.

Turn Your Living Room Mirrors into Windows

How do you make your windowless room more spacious and brighter? Well, with a bespoke mirror, you can create a perfect illusion and give your living room an authentic look. Additionally, the mirror makes a smaller space expansive.

Here, you can choose a variety of designs and shapes that meet your taste and preference. Instead of sticking to the traditional rectangular mirrors, you can choose a mirror that perfectly fits the style and shape of your living room.

Gallery Wall

Have you ever considered using mirrors as part of your gallery? Well, this is a unique idea that is widely being used by homeowners today. Treating mirrors as part of your decorative units is not only appealing but also impressive. If you love illustrations, you can introduce a bespoke mirror to compliment your living room wall.

Sometimes, mirrors do not have to attract attention or reflect anything. You can use your bespoke mirror as a decorative element and give your living room an authentic touch of elegance.

When placed correctly, mirrors fit as part of your gallery collection. Today, most homeowners use mirrors to create a vignette, a trick to consider if you’re looking forward to giving your home a sense of personality. 

Create a Focal Point

Is your living room missing a mantlepiece to position furniture around? You don’t have to panic. With a mantlepiece mirror, you can easily dictate the centre of your living room. This beautiful design can be a total failure if the placement is done wrongly. Therefore, ensure your mirror is placed to provide your living room with a sense of space.

The bottom line is, decorating living rooms with mirrors has become a popular trend in interior décor. The trend gives homeowners and interior designers multiple features to consider and comes with several design options. A living room decorated with mirrors can turn out to be your best ally. Choose the design that meets your taste to give your room a touch of elegance.

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