Onion Tanks: Self Supporting Emergency Drinking Water Storage

onion tank

Onion Tanks: Self Supporting Emergency Drinking Water Storage

Onion tanks are a revolutionary measure to store drinking water in remote locations and emergency situations. Open and flexible, as well as self supporting, these circular structures are especially useful to the military and within industry. 

What Are Onion Tanks Made Of?

In order to be a dependable water storage vessel, onion tanks are made of a heavy-duty urethane coated fabric. They can hold anywhere between 999L and 11,365L of water, and are approved for potable water. 

They are extremely durable, and much safer than inflatable water tanks. They are also very stable, and have been designed for repeated use. 

Onion Tank Water Storage Benefits:

In comparison to their fixed wall counter parts; For ease of use, the onion tank is super simple to use and quick to deploy. As a result of how easy they are to deploy, they are ideal for rapid response situations. They can, however, also be used for storing industrial effluents or polluted waters, as well as during cleaning, servicing or repairing of hot tubs and pools. Available in various sizes, they can fill their own reservoir in a speedy fashion, and come with a cover to prevent contamination of its contents. 

Easy to clean, so that the tank is always pollution free. 

They can be used in such a wide variety of ways, with little man power. The fact that they are lightweight makes them easy to transport, install and relocate, even in the most rugged of environments. They are also open-topped, making them easily accessible. 

How Is An Onion Tank Set Up?

Requiring virtually no set up, a flotation ring is simply inflated using a hand pump or air cylinder. Water is then pumped into the tank. As a result, the air ring will automatically lift up the sides of the tank. The increase in water, and subsequent rising of water, create a self supporting water solution

If the onion tank is not in use, they can be easily drained, and once collapsed, fold up tightly for easy storage, or transportation. 

Onion Tank Uses:

  • Assist with fighting fires, more so helicopter refills
  • Emergency aid relief
  • Can store food grade liquid
  • Harvest rainwater
  • Military can store water, fuel and other liquids
  • Can be used as a water tank in remote locations
  • Temporary septic tank
  • Can store wastewater, oil spills, chemical spills. Decontamination temporarily. 
  • Construction sites water storage

And so much more. 


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