Worcester Bosch Boilers vs Grant Boilers

Worcester Bosch Boilers vs Grant Boilers

Grant and Worcester Bosch Boilers provide some of the most excellent oil boiler money can purchase in the UK, whether you live off the primary power gas grid or in a metropolitan or remote location. We examine both manufacturers, evaluate their effectively selling oil boiler types, and examine the benefits and downsides in depth. 8.4 million Houses in the UK are not linked to the gas transformer. Oil and Propane are the two most acceptable fuels to drive a middle warming system in these residences that are not connected to the primary power gas grid. Nevertheless, oil is a more emission and less expensive fuel than Propane when running your intermediate warming system. While there are few options for an oil boiler on the market right now, you still have a solid selection to pick from when updating your oil warming system. Grant and Worcester Bosch Boilers are the two best and largest oil boiler producers in the UK. Let us take a deeper look at each of these brands:

For the past 40 years, Grant Engineering has been developing and producing warming equipment. Their oil-fired reforming boiler has received rave reviews and is significantly preferred over other brands by reputable review sources such as websites. Grant’s oil-fired reforming boiler is known for its quality and dependability, as well as its ease of installation and maintenance. Designers and homeowners around the United Kingdom rely on the Grant Twister and VortexYellow oil boiler lines. Grant delivered more Twister and VortexYellow oil reforming boiler in 2017 than any other oil boiler manufacturer in the UK. Grant’s oil boiler received a “Best Purscase” award in a 2018 Boiler Survey conducted by the renowned UK review newspaper.

Grant offers 68 different oil boiler, including internal, exterior, system, boiler apartment, wall-mounted, and hybrid boiler. As a result, Grant provides an oil boiler solution for nearly any household property’s heating demands. Off-grid households did not have access to such a diverse selection of oil stoves a few years ago. However, with so many options available throughout the Twister and VortexYellow lines, Grant oil boilers have asserted themselves as industry experts. One of Grant Engineering’s best-selling oil boiler is: Floor Mounting Multifunction Oil Boiler Grant Twister Pro 28

Grant’s Twister oil boiler offers among the most remarkable performances available in the UK, with up to 95.5 percent gross annual performances. The range has heating outputs ranging from 15kW to 90kW. Grant offers a diverse selection of oil boiler to suit all sorts of homes, including pink-cased utility interior versions and powder-coated exterior versions, facade boilers, and orange-cased boiler house versions. Some of their distinguishing characteristics are as follows:

– Deluxe Earp ‘B’ rated versions are available, such as the Twister Utility 20-35kW, which is just 450mm wide, and the Twister Multi Sox, 620mm wide.
– All Twister and VortexYello Combis come equipped with a 28ltr expanding reservoir.
– Grant’s oil boilers all use their unique carbon steel thermal storage technology, which guarantees that each product is highly efficient.
– VortexYello models are the same size as their Twister counterparts, making them perfect for substitute boiler setups.
– When installed and certified by Boiler Cottage Ltd, all Twister oil boilers come with a 9-year warranty. When fitted and certified by Boiler Cottage Ltd, all VortexYellow oil boilers come with a 15-year warranty.

Cliff Hutton founded Worcester Bosch as Worcester Technology Co. Ltd in 1965. Bosch bought it in 1995, giving rise to the company’s current moniker, Worcester Bosch. Their latest oil-fired boiler lineup comprises around 40 types, both internal and exterior. They provide a wide range of boiler, comprising gas, Propane, and oil.

Worcester Boost Heatslave II Oil Multifunction Boiler is their most significant selling oil boiler.

This boiler is appropriate for tiny, intermediate, and large-sized homes, and it has simple access couplings, a one-piece coated steel central baffle, and a cross-firing burner. The Heatronic 6i digital control unit of the latest generation delivers precise control and technical information.

Burner with cross-firing

For fast and easy service, use a one-piece baffle.
Oil and hydrological connections are easily accessible.
Accurate heating and warming water control are provided via a digital control.
Lightweight construction facilitates installation.
Side access for routine maintenance, featuring a rotating expansion vessel for convenience.

Greenstar Comfort switches are appropriate

Suitable with the concentrated solar eight-year warranty on Worcester primary heat separator 90/35mm room insulated flues accessible in lengths up to 10m
Plume control of up to 8m is also compatible with the existing and Flexi-flue systems.

Comparison of Grant vs. Worcester Bosch

The Grant Twister Pro and Worcester Bosch Boost Heatslave II are the two equivalent boiler for Grant and Worcester Bosch in terms of effectiveness. These are both floor-standing oil boiler types intended for indoor installation. This boiler is ideal for modest homes and apartments with 15 radiators and five bathrooms. They may also use sustainable energy sources such as solar energy and biofuels, which means you do not have to rely only on oil to warm your home.

Energy-efficient, Grant vs. Worcester Bosch

With dangers such as Global Warming and Carbon Emissions approaching, energy efficiency has been a prominent topic of discussion for many years. Particularly because a modern condensing boiler can achieve over 95 percent effectiveness, installing a high-efficiency boiler not only reduces your energy expenses but also helps you leave a smaller carbon imprint. You are making the world a better place. Grant marginally outperforms Worcester Bosch in this category, with 95.5 percent efficiency for the Grant oil boiler vs. 95.5 percent for the Worcester.
Even though the distinction is not huge, with all boilers on the marketplace equally matched, even a slight advantage may make a difference. You need to get the most incredible goods for the least amount of money. Grant’s better energy efficiency may be attributed to their award-winning carbon steel water heater, which has a greater surface area and a low moisture content to increase the boiler’s hot water effectiveness. Grant boiler also includes a low-pressure cut-off switch, which causes the boiler to shut down if there is a lack of water. Another characteristic that distinguishes Grant boilers is the tabulator flap system, which collects latent heat usually lost via the flue and reuses it in the system. Because the energy is recycled and reused, the boiler’s energy efficiency improves, resulting in even reduced energy costs. And, given that both boilers are around the same price, the Grant boiler with all of these different characteristics is a bargain!

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Bosch grants Worcester vs. Grant Accredited Installers

We have to provide you with accurate information. Numerous independent evaluations have rated the Grant oil boiler as the best. The fact that Boilerhut is a Grant Certified Operator has no bearing on our rating. We would never suggest a defective product. Additionally, due to Grant Oil Boilers’ long-term dependability and durability, you get an additional 9-year component and labor guarantee, as well as the same insurance on their carbon steel heat exchanger. If you purchase the boiler on your own and have it installed by a local contractor, you will only receive a 4-year guarantee.
Despite the slight difference, the Grant boiler is the clear victor here. Allow me to explain why; it is energy-efficient and has a carbon steel heating element as opposed to aluminum in Worcester Bosch. Because stainless steel is more robust and corrosion-resistant, producers who use it may provide more extended assurances; therefore, the Grant oil boiler represents excellent value for money.


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