Stiltz Homelifts vs Terrylifts – Which Will Suit Your Needs Best?

Stiltz Homelifts vs Terrylifts


Stiltz and Terrylifts are two leading UK home elevator manufacturers, each providing models to meet varying budgets and needs. So how do they compare?

Stiltz Homelifts vs Terrylifts

Stiltz Homelifts offer numerous advantages: their compact and space-saving design makes installation simple; costs are competitive; there is an array of models to choose from and an affordable range; their hydraulic system may be noisy; however they are not recommended for heavier loads, either. Terrylifts offer several distinct advantages over Stiltz lifts: an electric drive system provides quieter operation; more robust construction makes these suitable for larger or heavier loads, but can be more expensive overall and larger and heavier than Stiltz lifts (ie, more robust construction means less hydraulic system noise).

Cons: Price higher and larger and heavier than Stiltz lifts

Which Home Elevator Is Best for Me?

Finding the appropriate home elevator depends on both your individual needs and budget. For example, a Stiltz lift may be more suitable if you require something compact yet cost-effective that is easy to install; otherwise a Terrylift may provide greater support or accommodate heavier loads more effectively.

Below we compares Stiltz and Terrylifts

Stiltz Terrylifts offer several key advantages. Their drive system, hydraulic electric, noise levels and noise suppression measures make the construction lighter yet robust while their cost can range between more affordable to more costly options.
Ideal for lighter loads (1-6 kg). In general, to determine which home elevator best meets your needs it is wise to consult a professional installer who can assess your needs and recommend an ideal option for your home.

Additional Considerations

Beyond the factors mentioned above, other things should also be kept in mind when choosing a home elevator:

Size of Home

If your home is large, a larger lift will be necessary. Number of Floors: For homes with more than two levels, an elevator with higher capacity would be necessary. Flooring Type: If your flooring consists of wooden planks, then an appropriate lift with special floor plates would be required for operation.
Budget considerations: Home elevator prices can range anywhere from several thousand pounds to several tens of thousands of pounds, so when making a decision it is essential to establish what budget needs are in order to find an acceptable home lift solution. You may also want to consider a stair lift which will be a cheaper option. 


Both Stiltz and Terrylifts make exceptional home elevators; to choose the one that’s right for you, consult with a qualified installer who understands your particular needs.

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