Studies found Trend is Changing Rapidly from past 5 Years

The bad habit of generalizing is made with negative statements of the type “as I lost the exam I am going to lose all exams that follow”, or “as I did not conquer anyone in this party it is better not to go back to any party, because I do not like “, Or” they left my suitcase in the other city, because I have bad luck, because this happens to me only. ” Sometimes this becomes so pathological that the person believes that he has been chosen by a supernatural entity so that his world consistently fails; ah, and that this will be so forever and ever.

The way to combat this type of thinking is to consider that each situation is unique and unrepeatable. Each situation is accompanied by complex circumstances in its details and, therefore, the next situation will be surrounded by new features that will make it different.

Not even yourself is or can be a consistent entity because it is endowed some days with greater capabilities for certain tasks than for others. Fate has nothing prepared for you, that is just a magical and absurd thought.

There are people who truly believe that if they win in a situation it was because they were lucky, but if they lost it was because they deserved it. That if someone praises them is because the other lies, but if he criticizes them, he is telling an undeniable truth.

There are people with a mental distortion that makes them choose, emphasize and underline the negative side of all the options; people for whom the “glass is always half empty”. People who distrust themselves, but not others.

It is necessary to calmly accept good moments, praise and success, without disqualifying them, without giving more credit than reality, based on what has been achieved, what has been achieved or achieved. It is advisable to moderate our judgments, to make them as objective as possible, based on the facts, on the evidence.

If one has achieved what has been proposed, it is not crazy to accept the praise, trusting that they are true. This type of distortion does not discriminate. In the book The Sleepwalkers, Arthur Koestler tells us about the astronomer Kepler: “The visitors who came to Prague were always impressed by his active personality and agile mind: he was still suffering from a lack of self-confidence: it was a chronic disease, that his successes acted as a temporary sedative, but never completely cure it. “

It is important to detect if one is this type of person. It is advisable to make aware every time we are rejecting a moment of success with thoughts of the type: “I am a fraud, this was due to good luck”. Some psychologists call this bad habit of thought, the “imposter syndrome,” the person feels that way.

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