Do I Need to Visit A Chiropractor?

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A Chiropractor is a professional health caregiver who makes diagnoses and administers treatment through spine manipulation or adjustment, manually.

How it works
A Chiropractor aims at reducing pain and improving a patient’s function by giving information on good practices like the use of ergonomic systems and regular exercise. Hence chiropractic can be generalised as an alternative medical practice that seeks to reduce body pain by focusing on the connection between the spine and the nervous system. A nervous system co-ordinates and controls the whole body; it has to function at optimum levels for good overall health.

Therefore, through chiropractic treatment, most conditions can be rectified by restoring the structural uprightness of the spinal cord. This minimises the pressure meted on the delicate neurological tissues and in turn, leads to recovery. The basic concept is to re-engineer normal movement of the spine, and consequently lessen irritation on the spinal nerve.

Signs that you need to see a chiropractor
Experiencing neck and back pain is just one of the many signs that indicate the need to visit a chiropractor.

Severe back pain
There are varied factors that may lead to backache, such as your occupation, how long you stand in a day and your posture. Lower or upper back pain is the most obvious reason that warrants a chiropractic visit by most people. Here, a chiropractor will perform a procedure that does not require surgery or medication. 


Headaches or migraines
If you suffer from constant headaches that require over-the-counter pain relief daily, then a Chiropractor can help treat the issue. A leading specialist King Chiropractic Cardiff  expresses the importance of identifying and correcting the postural faults causing the headaches by using different forms of manual therapy, advice and rehabilitation. Headaches may be triggered by different things such as low oxygen levels, malnutrition, dehydration, and joint pain or muscle tension on the neck area. Chiropractic adjustments and manipulations on your spine will help ease the pain in your head. Pressure on your spine will be relieved and its structure and balance restored.


Joint and muscle pain
The problems on your musculoskeletal alignment may be the cause of constant joint or muscle aches. A Chiropractor will use spinal manipulation to increase blood flow and improve nerve conductivity on the areas experiencing pain.

Nature of your occupation
Poor posture from standing, sitting or leaning over a computer all day can result in pains and aches. Poor ergonomics contributes to a pile of undeserved pressure on your shoulders, back and neck, and may cause shifting of the discs and bones thus herniated discs. A visit to the Chiropractor will get your spine re-aligned.

Low mobility
Note that all body motion centres on your spine. Whenever there’s a problem, motion around your joints will cause pain due to compromised spine alignment. A chiropractic adjustment will help realign the spine thus increasing your range of motion, improving flexibility and alleviating pain hence optimal body function. 

Excruciating pain in your legs
Sharp pain, weakness or tingling on your legs is a symptom associated with a slipped disc or pinched nerve. The pain is caused by nerve pressure. A diagnosis by a Chiropractor will help to release pressure through a spinal adjustment.


Recent involvement in an accident
Involvement in a car or motorcycle accidents warrants a visit. Some of the injuries may not show up immediately, but an experienced Chiropractor will identify and treat any injuries found.

Wear patterns on the soles of your shoes
A look at the soles of your shoes may tell if your body is well aligned or not. Vertebral subluxation might be the cause of the difference in wear patterns on either shoe because you have different pressure points. A Chiropractor will conduct a spinal manipulation for spinal realignment to avoid serious issues in the future.

You have an active lifestyle
If you love taking part in sporting activities or working out, then your body is subjected to added pressure and tension. This may cause a misaligned spine exposing your body to alignment issues like slipped discs and pinched nerves. It is advisable to visit a Chiropractor regularly to help you maintain your active lifestyle for optimum health. Most athletes utilise chiropractic care to improve their performance.

You’re keen on improving your cognitive function
Regular chiropractic adjustments have been used to increase the brain’s function. This is more so on the prefrontal cortex otherwise known as the overall brain conductor. Again, your brain depends on the overall wellness of your body for proper functioning. A misaligned spine may cost you a sub-optimal brain function without your knowledge.


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