How to Add Natural Light to a Room

improving natural light

A room flooded with natural light often feels bigger and more full of life. Unfortunately, not all houses are designed with natural light in mind.

How can you increase natural light in your home? In this guide, you will be able to learn some of the ways on how to add natural light to your home:

1. Installing Frameless glass sliding doors

In recent times, frameless glass sliding doors have become more popular. This is because of its appealing look and wide range of customisation options. Besides introducing the interior design of a home and connecting it to the outside world, these frameless glass doors improve a room’s ventilation and the amount of natural light in the house.

Frameless glass sliding doors present a variety of benefits when installed. Some of these benefits include:

  • Eye-catching views: You can see clear views due to the absence of frames. You will be able to witness uninterrupted and continuous views while at the same time, staying clear of the weather outside. Whether you are looking after your pets, enjoying a relaxing evening, or watching after your kids, frameless glass doors will ensure that your view is not blocked at all. 
  • Ventilation: The glass panels in these types of doors can move individually. You can open more than one panel to improve airflow in the house to your satisfaction. The fact that each panel moves individually means that it is easy to clean the panels. Sliding panels act as excellent insulators. Therefore, you will be able to save energy and be in a position to reduce your electricity bills by balancing your home temperature. 
  • Safety: The glass panels used in making the glass sliding doors are made out of tempered glass material, limiting the chances of accidents. The glass door also comes with glass lamination that serves as a sound barrier. This sound barrier effect prevents the interior from any outside interference. Traditional sliding glass doors had frames rising and this meant they bring a lot of obstruction. Frameless sliding glass doors operate on invisible tracks, thereby ensuring safety. 
  • Value: Installing your home with frameless glass sliding doors will raise your home value due to its upgraded modern look. It increases available liveable space, utilises open space, and improves viewpoint. All these give your home a sophisticated feeling and makes resale value to rise significantly. 
  • Design: These doors come in various colours, depending on your design needs. You can also make the doors to be energy and cost-efficient based on single or double glazing. When it comes to the type of mechanism, you can choose between top, bottom, or both. This will help you enhance your security. If you do want to open the doors manually, you can have them motorised. 
  • Reduced mold: Hidden mold poses a lot of danger in our homes. Frameless glass doors reduce water collection; therefore, mold does not have enough opportunity to grow on the glass.


2. Gloss ceiling

Using high gloss paint is one of the best ways of bringing more light to the house. The ceiling is the best spot to experiment with the paint. A ceiling with a glossy finishing will light perfectly, besides adding a unique element to the room.

3. Trim trees by the window

If your window is not receiving enough lighting, then your room will not be bright enough. Make sure you trim any bushes or trees around the window. You should also avoid planting trees in the southern direction of your house. This is because the sun will have risen high enough that the trees cannot provide shade during the summer seasons. Moreover, during the winter seasons, windows won’t receive solar warmth because of the foliage.

4. Clean windows regularly

This may sound too obvious but how often do you clean your windows? Cleaning windows regularly can have major effects when it comes to letting sunlight into your room. If your window contains less dust, splatters, and dirt, your room will get lighter.

5. Take advantage of shiny surfaces

If you don’t wish to use glossy paint on your walls or ceiling, reflective surfaces will always work to your advantage. You can decorate rooms with inadequate lighting with glimmering items like translucent furniture, mirrored surfaces, and acrylic accents.

Wrapping up

Natural resources like sunlight are often taken for granted. We should make efforts to take advantage of this light and incorporate it into our homes. It can be very beneficial such as improving health, reducing budgets, and improving life quality.

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