How Do I Know if I Need Glasses?

How Do I Know If I Need Glasses

If you’ve never had to wear glasses before, or have never been to an optician to get your vision tested you might not think you need them. 

Many people avoid going for an eye check-up because they don’t see the need for it. This article addresses common signs that could indicate you might need glasses.

To figure out if you need glasses or another vision treatment you should always see an optician or healthcare professional such as Bill Opticians based in Exeter.

Worried about your vision? Book an eye test now. If you do need glasses there are plenty of frame options available that will suit you.



Common signs you might need glasses

Things seem to be slightly blurred when far away and/or close up

Blurry vision is usually related to short or long-sightedness making things seem out of focus. It may also just be a sign of fatigue so in such cases resting would be the best remedy. However, if your vision fails to improve, an eye test is recommended.

You find yourself squinting a lot

Squinting is normal when too much light is entering the eyes. However, if you’re squinting regularly and finding that you’re sitting close to screens then it’s probably time to get glasses.

Your eyes sometimes feel tired

Eye fatigue can be caused by allergies or flu. However, if this problem persists, glasses may be the solution. You may feel tired more than usual, especially when regularly watching television or reading.

Frequent headaches

Straining the eyes to focus on something is usually the cause of persistent headaches. This is a common sign of farsightedness or astigmatism where the eye doesn’t focus light evenly making it harder to drive at night.

Double vision

Some of the causes of double vision include cataracts, dry eye, infections, scars on the cornea, and keratoconus. More serious illnesses that are known to cause double vision include diabetes, stroke, brain tumour, and migraines. This problem should never be overlooked it is best to book an eye appointment as soon as possible if you are experiencing double vision.

Taking longer to adjust from dark to light

Old age and vision problems can weaken the iris muscles that control its contraction and expansion, making it difficult for your eyes to adjust straightaway to light. A common sign that you may need spectacles.

Rubbing your eyes often

Many people tend to rub their eyes when they need sleep. Rubbing eyes too often may indicate a serious issue with your vision or it may just be caused by allergies or eye infections. A visit to the optician is recommended to determine the cause of the problem and find out if you need glasses.

Eye pressure

Pressure on the eye is a common symptom of glaucoma which is a deadly eye disease. When this goes unchecked, it can damage the optic nerve in the eye and cause further vision issues.



It is recommended to have your eyes tested every 2 years, or more often if advised by your optician. Vision problems that go untreated often end up being worse than they could have been if you had been to an appointment sooner. If you can’t remember when your last eye test appointment was, it’s likely that you’re due an eye examination. 

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