5 Benefits of Walking Your Dog Daily

benefits of dog walking

Walking your dog regularly has benefits both for the dog, the community, and the dog owner. Giving dogs regular walks gets you and the dog out and helps grow the bond one has with their dog. Dogs especially benefit tremendously from the daily exercise as suggested by lots of studies and surveys. Studies have shown that regular exercise for dogs increases a dog’s lifespan by a year. While most people will walk their own dogs, in cases where individuals work long hours during the day or are out of the country, they will enlist the services of a local professional dog walker.

Walking dogs has both health benefits to the dog and the owner. The practice has social attributes and benefits to it too. When walking dogs out people get to socialise and keep up with connections with their surroundings.

Every dog owner is always excited to take their pet dog out for walks as it is fun for both of them. A dog that receives daily walks is tolerable, healthy, more relaxed, and is always active with higher senses and reactions. You should consult your dog’s vet for examinations and advice before engaging your dog in regular exercises to avoid complications.

The 5 benefits of walking your dog explored in the article include:

Keeping your dog healthy

Taking your dog for daily exercise helps keep dogs fit and healthy. There are various health benefits associated with dogs that receive daily walks. Dogs have the instinct to walk or run and being cooped inside is not healthy and denying them walks is not fair or right.dog walkers daily

The health benefits of walking dogs can be physical, mental, emotional, and personal. Whatever the health benefit it helps the dog grow stronger and elongate its life. The health benefits of walking dogs include:

• Walking your dog checks its body condition and weight. Daily exercises help dogs avoid obesity by burning stored calories gained from eating.

• It helps regulate dogs’ urinary and digestive health. Routine walks outdoors prevent your dog from constipation. It will also help them avoid bladder infections as they empty freely.

• Regular exercises help improve your dog’s joint health. This is a common health issue among dogs. Both old and young dogs need to work up their joints to avoid stiffness and improve joint function.

• Regulates risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Keeping your dog active with walks helps maintain its cardiovascular system as it will improve the dog’s blood circulation keeping away from serious health issues, blockages, high blood pressure, coronary heart diseases, or heart failures.

• Regular exercise helps the dog develop and strengthen skeletal tissues and muscles. The dog becomes extra fit hence becoming proactive around the home.

• Helps dogs avoid obesity and overfeeding through more activities such as walks.

Improves the health of dog walkers.

Taking dogs for walks not only benefits the health of the dogs but the dog walkers as well. It helps improve the cardiovascular system and insulin resistance of dog walkers. It is also a great way to be happy as dog walkers enjoy walking dogs and the excitement and joy that comes with it.

The activity also has psychological benefits to the dog walker. Taking your dog for regular walks also helps stress relieve and relax the dog walkers. Through the activity, one interacts with the outdoors which gives the enthusiasm of relaxing after the day’s activities. The activity increases mental energy, relieves stress, and boosts the mood of both the dog and its owner.

Mental stimulation and health

Taking your dog for regular walks has psychological benefits. The mental health of the dog gets tremendously stimulated and improved. The dog gets mental stimulation from different sounds, smells, and sights when outdoors. Studies show dogs taken for walks develop tolerable personalities and tend to be more relaxed and active. When outdoors dogs meet other dogs that help keep their social life active. Dogs that receive regular walks are loyal, loving, and obedient.dog walking UK

Improves the bond between the dog and owner

Taking your dog for regular walks helps strengthen your bond and lessen the dog’s loneliness. This helps them develop positive associations and improve their behaviour. It also boosts the dog’s confidence in how they interact with their owner and the world around them.

Opportunity to train your dog

Taking your dog for walks allows the owner to train their dogs well. The dog can be trained to interact with its surroundings gently. You get to teach your dog to follow your lead and take commands. It is also the best opportunity to test your dog’s abilities and needs.

Good Dog walking habits

When you take your dog out for walks, dog owners are always advised to watch good dog walking habits to avoid creating discomfort and accidents around them. Examples of such habits include:

• The dog should be supervised at all times since some dog breeds are not friendly.

• Keeping a keen eye on the dog around children.

• The right equipment for dog walks should always be prepared, such as leashes.

• The dog should be kept under control at all times especially those that require a leash.

• Always carry scoops or plastic bags with you to clean after the dog.

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