Are Rhino Roof Racks Universal?

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Roof racks have been accorded the ultimate camping carrier. This is because it helps with most of the luggage, giving you maximum passenger space. In addition, this roof rack can carry a wide range of loads to suit your needs for the perfect adventure. With the first set designed in 1992 by Richard Cropley, Rhino Roof racks is an Australian-based company. Having specialised in roof racks, this company also has manufacturing plants in the US and New Zealand, and its products even reaching the UK. 

How Will a Roof Rack Affect Your Car?

Roof Racks have several advantages on owning them. Kits-n-Bits is a Rhino approved fitter, they fit and supply Rhino roof racks, roof bars, steps, ladder storage systems and accessories throughout the UK. Its ability to carry almost anything and the superb durability of the material of the rack. Below are some of the benefits.

More storage space

Rhino racks are characterised by their priority to space for storage. This extra space is to cater to your loading needs to increase the possible passenger space. You may be having a family trip or a camping trip; therefore, bags of luggage may be many; hence the Rhino rack’s size comes in handy to fit all of them. 

Ability to handle different types of load

From canoes to bicycles to mountain climbing equipment, these racks can carry a wide range of luggage. Campers prefer loading these racks for the extra space for load and safety thereof. In addition, the tents and excess luggage can be put on the rack to guarantee space to accommodate more campers in the vehicle. If you are going fishing, your equipment and a canoe can also be carried on the rack. Putting most luggage onto the racks will give you more comfort in your journey, worrying less about its safety. 

Strength of Rhino racks

Rhino racks are praised for their style and strength. Rhino, as the name suggests, these racks are made for sustaining huge loads. The racks are made up of a strong aluminium alloy, making them light and strong. The durability is backed by its incredible performance; to make this rack a longtime luggage carrying solution for your vehicle. The aluminium makes the rack corrosion resistant. For any type of load, the racks will suffer no damages on carrying them. 

Variety of rack designs

Campers and mountain climbers will most certainly have different requirements for their rack. Bicycle riders may want a rack suitable for bicycle carrying, while mountain climbers may require equipment. This versatility makes Rhino racks the solution to your loading problems. Get a rack to suit your needs for a convenient trip. You can remove it whenever you don’t want to use it.

Suitability in different vehicles

Whether you want a rack for a road trip, camping, fishing, or even for your business van, Rhino racks will get you the most suitable one. To increase space to carry additional goods for your business van, install a Rhino rack of your choice to suit your needs. 

Safety on the road

We often find ourselves having too much luggage for our regular cars; therefore, we end up stacking them in our vehicles. Unfortunately, this may impede the rear view of the driver, making it dangerous to drive. For a solution, getting a Rhino rack will help ease the vision problem by transferring the load to the rack. This will make your travel a smooth sail without impediments to your vision.

A robust look

The stern look on the Rhino rack can be an absolute attention seeker. It looks stylish and tough, bringing the surety that you can go with your vehicle anywhere. The racks’ aluminium parts make it look neat and shiny. The anti-corrosion aspect also adds to its beauty; if the metal rusted, it would take away the whole fabulous outlook. 

The quality of Rhino Racks

As expensive as these racks may get, they offer the utmost quality to carry luggage. You can never compromise quality with safety; always choose quality over cheap. 

Going for road trips, camping, bicycle riding, or mountain climbing will always involve carrying different types of luggage. Leaving some equipment or one bicycle may make the experience to be a little less fun. Get a Rhino rack of your choice to suit your load needs and carry everything you may need to have a fun-filled adventure.

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