The Reasons For and Against Working From Home after the Pandemic

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Working from Home After the Pandemic

Remote working has enabled employees to keep on working without having to worry about the pandemic. It offers all employees a chance to work from their comfort zone and still be productive. Since the pandemic is coming to an end, most companies are worried about allowing their employees to work from home or call them back to work.


Why Working from Home is Beneficial

No Commute

Most people dread their commute to work. Waking up to drive every day to work is a waste of time. However, by working from home, employees can spend most of their time working. One can save the commute time and opt to get more done. Wasting time during a commute can lead to stress and anxiety when going to work. This can also lead to health issues like:

  • Depression
  • Blood sugar
  • High cholesterol

Better Inclusivity

By working from home, companies can hire people from different demographics. That is, the company can easily embrace diversity and add more talented employees to the team. This enables companies to gain employees from other locations or countries. This also enables employees to work from an environment where they feel supported and comfortable.

Working from home ensures that an employee can have steady employment and enjoy flexible schedules. It’s a better way of ensuring that employees can follow their career goals without any worries. By working from home, employees have enjoyed more and better flexibility, which means that they can juggle multiple things together easily.

Work-Life Balance

Due to the pandemic, workers have been able to have flexible schedules to work and deal with their family duties. This provides parents with more time with their kids and enough time to work and be productive. Furthermore, being content enables workers to become more productive, thus leading to stronger outcomes. Employees also get to enjoy having control over their personal and work life.


Reasons Against Working from Home


There are lots of things that employees can enjoy while working from home. Some might include pets, chores, or even movies. Having all these distractions can lead to a decrease in productivity. Most companies want their employees back after the pandemic to ensure that they can have control over the productivity of their employees. Besides, they can easily eliminate all distractions that are found at home.


Some people love interacting with their workmates in the workplace. By working from home, this is impossible because the only communication option is a voice or video call. Being able to interact with workmates can help most employees become more productive. After the pandemic, going back to the office provides a great avenue for employees to interact and share their experiences.


Most people love working from the office because they always get value for their time. When working from home, it’s difficult to track the time that employees spend on the job. This can lead to employees overworking to meet tight deadlines. Something that might not have happened if the employees were working from the office.

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