Benefits of Using Ekki Mats in Construction

Different construction sites have varying terrains, some of which may be unconducive. In a case where the terrain is unfavorable, the construction activities are prone to facing multiple inconveniences. Using ekki mats during construction is an ideal solution to the problem of unfavorable terrain.

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Different construction sites have varying terrains, some of which may be unconducive. In a case where the terrain is unfavourable, the construction activities are prone to facing multiple inconveniences. Using ekki mats during construction is an ideal solution to the problem of unfavourable terrain. The purpose served by these mats is not the only provider of a stable terrain but also the protection of the topography. At the end of the day, the environment ought to be conserved. 


Depending on the type of construction, these mats are also commonly referred to as bog mats, crane mats, or pipeline mats. Those who have been involved in construction may be quite familiar with the concept of these crane mats. However, some of us may be learning about these mats for the first time, from this article. It is therefore a foreign topic that requires further expounding. On this account, we should begin from the basics, for a deeper understanding of what these mats are and how they function.


What are Ekki Mats?


Just as the name suggests, the beams used to make these mats are from ekki wood. This type of wood is popularly found across several West African countries such as Nigeria and Ghana. Ekki is exceptionally rigid and thick. Consequently, it is highly sought after for projects that require dense and durable wood, like marine and civil works. In addition to making mats for construction, ekki wood is suitable for decking and making bridges, piers among other things.


These mats are road mats that come in handy when there is a requirement for a very solid and firm surface for heavy-duty machinery. They are essential especially for adverse landscapes with the surface covered with substances like frost, mud, or even sand. In such a situation, there should be a mat laid at the top, for the surface to be safe enough for the passage of the machinery used in construction. The mats keep the heavy machinery secure and also protect the ground below.


Suitability Of Ekki Mats


These mats are fitting for use by every kind of vehicle that has rubber tires. While being placed on the surface, the beams that make up the mats should create one trail with a width that is either 3 meters or 5 meters. The suitable width is dependent on the amount of weight that should be supported by the mat. Width of 3 meters is sufficient to support a uniformly distributed weight of 21 tones. On the other end, a weight of 35 tones requires the mat to have a width of 5 meters. 


Even so, these dimensions or weight may be adjusted based on the status of the ground beneath. This implies that there should first be a prior inspection of the ground. The aim is to determine the suitable construction mat and the maximum amount of weight that can be supported. The rate of water absorption by the beams is also a factor that should be reviewed during the examination. Luckily, the extended longevity of ekki wood is partly attributable to its capacity to withstand moisture. 


Subsequently, these mats are free from premature wreckage by water or other environmental factors that usually ruin the wood. When used at a construction site where there is a substantial amount of moisture or water, you can rest assured that the mat will still be effective and valuable. It will therefore serve its purpose efficiently for the entire construction time. Buying or hiring such a mat for construction is an assurance that you will realise value for your money.


How Are the Mats Used?


While construction is in progress, multiple facilities may require to be set up. Access paths and staging areas are some of the facilities that are established using these mats. They ensure that the ground is firm enough to hold bulky loads and for equipment to remain anchored. These loads and equipment may need to be moved across waterways. In such a case, an air bridge is constructed using these mats. A common concern would be the safety of these waterways. 


As earlier mentioned, an effective mat should see to it that the environment is preserved in as much as the end goal is to ensure the success of the construction project. When the construction is going on near water bodies such as rivers, the mat should be created in such a way that unwanted objects or substances are prevented from accidentally getting into the water. Therefore, there is no possibility of the water getting contaminated as a result of the ongoing construction.


What Are the Advantages of Ekki Mats for Construction?


Using these mats is indispensable for numerous reasons since their installation process is simple and after being fixed, they function seamlessly. Below are the benefits of using ekki mats on a construction site:


1.   Construction workflows swiftly and effectively.


Trying to move machineries such as cranes above hostile ground that is probably covered with mud or any other substance, may end up being a very annoying experience. The bare surface may be uneven and unfavorable for machinery to move properly above it. When there is a bog mat above such ground, cranes or other machinery and equipment can move without the worry of getting stuck or toppling over. In addition to this, maneuvering machinery on the mat is easier and with effortless navigation, the work gets done fast and efficiently. 


2.   Using these mats is cost-effective and saves time.


One of the factors that commonly affect the terrain of construction sites is rain. Rain or snow makes the ground very moist such that some construction activities must be halted. This is an inconvenience because a delay leads to a wastage of time while people wait for the climate to change and become more conducive. Installing a bog mat eliminates time wastage since it allows all construction procedures to go on. In addition to this, purchasing the ekki mat or hiring one is affordable and conveniently fits the budget of the constructors. 


3.   There are versatile applications of the mats.


Multiple purposes can be served by the same kind of ekki mat. Almost all types of constructions can be done while making use of the bog mats. Aside from the field of construction, these mats are functional during events or festivals that hold a large number of people. Corporate events or receptions for weddings often utilise pathways especially when done outdoors. Such trails are bog mats, specifically crafted to suit the event. These mats are therefore a valuable product whose importance can be felt in numerous industries, not just in construction.


4.   Conservation of the environment.


Local authorities have regulations set, enforcing proper care of the environment during construction. The constructors therefore must leave the environment not just as they found it, but much better. Since the mats offer a solid surface for heavy machinery to use, this prevents damage to the ground below. Upon completion of construction and the ekki mat requires to be uninstalled, the ground it was lying upon is usually intact. On top of this, the surrounding is also undisturbed. If anything, just a little bit of restoration may be required.


Consequently, for the above reasons, ekki mats have proven to be a dependable and effective element during construction. It is an adaptable and vital recourse for enhanced safety in construction sites. It is worth noting that these mats are available in diverse dimensions and fashioned differently to suit different projects. Since there is no conventional form of these mats, there is the freedom to get a customised mat to fit your project.

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